Yes, they do exist. See? This photo is of a modified 747 non-conventional laser weapon or a 'directed energy weapon'. It consists of a 'megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser beam,' which can be pointed at other planes, missiles, whatever or whoever.

The laser can destroy many missiles depending on how fast the 747 can reach firing distance. The eventual goal is to have the laser planes—each worth a cool $1.5 billion—make up the US' laser plane fleet. Your tax dollar at work.

Here's another news article
on the Pentagon's raygun-packing 747.

Last Feb BBC wrote this article
Record power for military laser

And from the USA Missile Defense Agency website glossary:

Directed Energy (DE)
1. Energy in the form of atomic particles, pellets, or focused electromagnetic beams that can be sent long distances at, or nearly at, the speed of light.
2. An umbrella term covering technologies that relate to the production of a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles.

Directed Energy Device
A system using directed energy primarily for a purpose other than as a weapon. Directed energy devices may produce effects that could allow the device to be used as a weapon against certain threats, for example, laser rangefinders.

Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)
A system using directed energy primarily as a direct means to damage or destroy enemy equipment, facilities, and personnel.

Oh Lord have mercy and forgive us for killing so many innocent people for greed and power.


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