As a teenager during the 1950s, Harvey Weinstein watched his once vibrant and successful father sink further into mental illness, despite treatment by one of America's preeminent psychiatrists - Dr. Ewen Cameron. It was more than 20 years later that Dr. Weinstein realized what had actually happened to his father, while reading an article about secret mind-control projects funded by the U.S. Central Inteligence Agency.

This morning I met with a friend who asked that I email some links on mind control/MKultra and below is what I sent:

May the truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the church wake up and may souls be saved I pray in Jesus name.

1. This 7 min video is disturbing and involves drugs, brainwashing, and the CIA. It's about a Montreal woman named Janine Huard (news article) who was subjected to CIA brainwashing experiments more than 50 years ago and ended up completely broken.

2. These short videos are of 3 victims of mind control (mkultra):
Victim A
Victim B
Victim C

3. Here is another source to learn more as this horror is still going on today.


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