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"Evidence continues to accumulate that mammograms cause cancer, while doing little to save lives. Unfortunately, the medical establishment, including the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, has brainwashed most of us into thinking the opposite. As a result, millions of women march off to get mammograms every year, exposing themselves to cancer-causing x-rays. The misinformation is so bad that when women were asked in a poll what they could do to prevent breast cancer, the number one response was 'get a mammogram.' (Exactly how mammograms are supposed to 'prevent' breast cancer was not explained.) In truth, mammograms cause cancer; they are the leading cause of breast cancer. Mammograms have put a very large number of women at risk for cancer and many have died as a result." (from Mammograms are a bust by Raymond Francis)

In 1978, Irwin J. D. Bross., Director of Biostatistics at Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research commented about the cancer screening program:

"The women should have been given the information about the hazards of radiation at the same time they were given the sales talk for mammography... Doctors were gung ho to use it on a large scale. They went right ahead and X rayed not just a few women but a quarter of a million women... A jump to the exposure of a quarter of a million persons to something which could do more harm than good was criminal and it was supported by money from the federal government and the American Cancer Society."

Dr. Samuel Epstein writes, "Regular mammography of younger women increases their cancer risks. Analysis of controlled trials over the last decade has shown consistent increases in breast cancer mortality within a few years of commencing screening. This confirms evidence of the high sensitivity of the premenopausal breast, and on cumulative carcinogenic effects of radiation." (from "The Politics Of Cancer" by Samuel S Epstein MD)

"Mammography simply joins the long list of therapies and procedures where desire for profits and lowering of world population levels have superceded the welfare of our citizens." (from Do Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer? by Dr. James Howenstine)

"One Canadian study found a 52 percent increase in breast cancer mortality in young women given annual mammograms, a procedure whose stated purpose is to prevent cancer. Despite evidence of the link between cancer and radiation exposure to women from mammography, the American Cancer Society has promoted the practice without reservation. Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents." (from "When Healing Becomes A Crime" by Kenny Ausubel, page 233)


  1. Hi Cathy! its Denise again. Thank you for your writing me such kind words and blessings to the prior comment i made. I can't believe this posting!! my mom died from breast cancer when i was 16. you can read my testimony on the berean chronicles website by the way. she was diagnosed exactly 2 years after some unexperienced radiologist xrayed her left breast countless times because he thought the machine wasn't working!! nobody believes me or remembers her saying this but me. thats probaly because of my extreme phobia of doctors and mammograms!! now my family and friends insist i get one every year (am now 42) and i refuse. i remember how paranoid my mom was after that about us even getting dental xrays. I will not back down now!! praise the Lord for your research!! keep it up awesome woman of God!! In His love, Denise

  2. It was sad to read about your mother, Denise - I am so sorry. I know it was hard for you being so young to loose her.

    May the Lord Jesus use us both to be salt and light in this dark and dying world, giving hope though the message of the cross and our resurrected Savior.

    In Christ alone I put my trust!


  3. Hi Cathy! What a great post. I also believe that mammograms can cause breast cancer if exposed to the radiation year after year like doctors suggest. And with a family history of breast cancer, I am taking every precaution. I first started believing when I read this article about mammograms. Thanks for spreading the awareness. Every woman should be informed of the harm they can truly cause.

  4. Thanks for the input!

    We live in a crazy world but the Lord Jesus is our Rock and our Peace in the storms of life.


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