The Nazis were adept at introducing psycho-manipulative techniques into German youth programs, in order to persuade children to inform on their parents, if they opposed Nazi ideologies. Kurt Hahn, the creator of the Hitler youth movement later became headmaster of Gordonstoun School, in Scotland. The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were students there.

A similar insidious psycho-manipulative program is currently taking place in American schools, known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE). Claiming to be an anti-drug program, in reality it is a psycho-profiling operation conducted by police officers trained in techniques developed by behavioral psychologist Carl Rogers. Hearsay information about parents obtained through group dynamics is documented, a violation of privacy laws.

Various studies undertaken by behavioral psychologists have demonstrated that the DARE program has a negative effect on drug abuse, prevention, as evidenced by a paper prepared by University of Southern California psychiatrists in 1989 and published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine. It stated: "by the final post-test, classrooms that had received the affective program had significantly more drug use than controls.

The DARE program was initialed by former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates. According to a newsletter published by former LAPD detective Mike Rupert, "Daryl Francis Gates was a CIA agent from the time he became a policeman." This is not surprising since in order to qualify for federal Law Enforcement Assistance Agency funding, American police departments have to permit some of their agents to receive CIA training. This devious ploy has enabled the CIA to acquire control of major city police departments.

Since the CIA has been heavily involved in narcotics trafficking for many years, it follows that it would not condone a meaningful drug-prevention program to be conducted in American schools. If DARE operatives were serious about curbing drug trafficking, they would be vociferously campaigning for anti-drug legislation and the prosecution of bank executives who launder drug money, which they are not. (Source Footnote 18)