Sergeant York: Is it Right to Fight?

This is the question that Alvin York struggled with as a Christian who was drafted in the military. And according to history, he decided yes it was right. He became a WW1 hero and a movie was made about his life.

A few things here... first I totally disagree with him. As a Christian, no where do I read in the Bible that Jesus Christ says to kill anyone. Indeed, he says turn the other check and lay down your life for others.

Second, Hollywood has been and continues to be a vehicle to spew propaganda to the masses. And this movie was made just before the USA entered WW2. It was released in 1941 at a time when America was neutral but becoming increasingly close to joining the war, so basically it's just a film that's preparing America for war and was a good recruiting tool. Encouraging others to fight and kill for freedom is NOT scriptural. We are to trust the Lord.

And last, believe it or not, the actress who plays York's girl friend/wife, is my 2nd cousin, Joan Leslie - her mother and my grandmother were sisters. (fyi - my father worked at Paramount & Universal as a grip, my one uncle was a film editor, another uncle was a casting director & they all along with my other 2 uncles and grandmother were in silent movies.)

Nevertheless, Christians need to WAKE UP to the truth of what Jesus taught!

Q. Is it right to fight?
A. No, never.

Here are some photos of Gary Cooper and Joan Leslie who was 16 years old when this movie was made!

Gary Cooper in "Sergeant York" (1941)

Trailer for "Sergeant York" clips


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