What is Organized Gang Stalking?

10/11/2010 UPDATE

"Such a nice boy: His mother said, 'he was such a nice boy, he never caused any trouble'.  Until he walked into a fast food restaurant, pulled out a gun, and started shooting everyone in sight.  Sadly, he also shot himself, so now we'll never know why he committed such a shocking criminal act.  Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  These days, it happens with depressing regularity.  Then there was the Texas mother who drowned her children in the bathtub.  She said, 'the voice of god told me to do it'. Psychologists tell us these seemingly random acts of violence result from economic pressures and breakdowns in inter-personal relationships, caused by the stress of modern society.  I contend what we are witnessing in these wonton acts of violence, is nothing less than experimental tests of remote mind control, accomplished using the Cell Phone BTS sites to inject post hypnotic commands directly into the human min."
From Remote Mind Control

"In residential neighborhoods, NSA field operatives (posing as FBI agents) will contact homeowners near the HVT location, asking permission to place a 'radio monitoring device' (PT) in a spare bed room for 'national security' use. The NSA operatives are always very polite, and offer to compensate the homeowner for use of their bed room (generally $1000 to $1500 per month). With the allure of monthly cash, most homeowners are more than willing to cooperate. Optimal PT targeting involves pointing the transmit/receive antenna (figure 1), through a window having an unobstructed line of sight to HVT location. Alternant PT antenna sites include cell phone towers, high rise building roof tops, and government offices. PT antennas in outdoor locations have a white or gray plastic weather dome covering the dish. In extreme circumstances, the HVT may have as many as 10 PTs encircling his/her location. Besides fixed location PTs tied into the psychotronics satellite network, the NSA also deploys (SWAT style) teams equipped with portable PTs, for use against HVTs in remote domestic or overseas locations. The team will consist of one (or more) Suits several psychics (often brother/sister or twins), and one (or more) techs. Depending on the mission parameters, teams may also include a specialist, trained in psychiatry or internal medicine."
From National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 3

"The purpose of atmospheric lensing is to induce human sickness and/or death.  It follows that observation of biological health is the primary tool of detection.  While humans are the target, ALL living things in the immediate vicinity are affected to a greater or lesser degree, I will cover human, animal, and plant life in separate subsections. Subsection 1:  In humans, sub-lethal atmospheric lensing produces symptoms not unlike radiation poisoning.  These include but not limited to: loss of appetite, irregular or watery bowel movements, headaches lasting for days, lethargic behavior, weakness in extremities, mental confusion, and sleep disturbances.  The symptoms will improve on cloudy or rainy days, and worsen on sunny days.  While these signs are characteristic of many diseases, a sudden and simultaneous onset of these symptoms in most or all household members, lasting for days or weeks, and showing a strong inverse correlation with weather conditions is NOT a normal disease pattern.  Since the energy beam is tightly focused, the bed ridden and children too young to walk or crawl, are especially at risk due their inability to move out of the beam path, and therefore may show symptom onset slightly ahead of other family members.  Conversely those family members that spend part of the day away from the residence may exhibit late onset, or milder symptoms."
From Atmospheric Lensing - A Weapon of Selective Destruction

2/3/09 UPDATE
Received this email today:

I am far more fortunate than most targets. I have family and friends who support and believe me. Most targets do not have any support in the community and many are labeled delusional and some have even been locked up in the psych ward if they complain too much about the multiple stalkers or electronic harassment.

I began meditating about 5 years ago when I 'felt' evil around me. During meditation I would do much visualization of protection and ask for protection for myself and my family. I did not know what was happening to me and I actually thought that I had demons attacking me. I may very well have had something like that, but I have since discovered that the perpetrators of this crime can manipulate the targets reality and cause them to have a skewed perception of their reality. I spent many hours studying this crime and realized very early on in the the research that I had to play this like a game and get rid of all fear.

I am an activist for the exposure of this crime. I have a website, http://osnanaimo.org/
I have been on my local radio twice, I have been written up in the local news paper, I have been on the RBN radio along with another activist Eleanor White and I drive around my city with signs on my car about this crime. My activism has allowed me to find many targets in this area alone.Because of my vocal approach to this, the perpetrators have me under heavy 24/7 surveillance and they no longer try to mess with my life in the community or try to harm me while I drive...but the perpetrators do attack me with directed energy weapons. I am still far more fortunate than most targets in that I do not feel the attacks as severely as most. I am able to work full time, but most targets can not work either because of the severity of the attacks or because of the constant slander or work place mobbing that takes place. This is a horrible crime against humanity. we in the targeted community believe that our numbers are in the millions globally. Many of those people do not know what is happening to their lives or their health. I am passionate about exposing this crime and I am always praying that we targets can get some good press on this.


10/25/07 UPDATE
"The development over the last decades since the Cold War arms race has included as a major strategic category, psycho-electronic weaponry, the ultimate aim of which is to enter the brain and mind. Unannounced, undebated and largely unacknowledged by scientists or by the governments who employ them – technology to enter and control minds from a distance has been unleashed upon us. The only witnesses who are speaking about this terrible technology with its appalling implications for the future, are the victims themselves and those who are given the task of diagnosing mental illness are attempting to silence them by classifying their evidence and accounts as the symptoms of schizophrenia, while the dispensers of psychic mutilation and programmed pain continue with their work, aided and unopposed."

From On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology by Carole Smith

Warning: This 9 minute video is part of a series and contains disturbing information - not recommended for children to view.

The video basically describes the life a Targeted Individual (TI). This is the human experimental subject undergoing torture with microwave weapons, emotional and behavioral manipulation using the Monroe, Malech, Smirnov patents, and organized gang stalking using groups manipulated by military intelligence and CIA to assassinate political dissidents.

This may all sound crazy, but countless victims are reporting via alternative websites like this one of similar if not the very same accounts.

Read more here:


Mind Games Washington Post article 1/14/07

Remote Viewing

Controlling the Human Mind


Video: The Invisible Machine

US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

ADDED 7/21/07:
Congressional Bill mentions mind control, weather control, tectonic exotic weapons and targeted populations


  1. Check out http://www.gangstalkingworld.com for more information on gang stalking.

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  3. Gangstalking is a horrible crime totally ignored by most EXCEPT the victims.

    I have discovered that those who find true help and freedom do so through divine intervention.

    GOD IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE and we can turn to Him for help in times of crisis or need.

    In Matthew 11 the Lord Jesus Christ says:

    28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

    30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

  4. I am a gangstalking victim in the UK. My impression of the individuals stalking me is that they seemed to have regressed some how. Some of them look totally lost and ambivalent as if trying to disassociate themselves from what they are doing. Others have a wicked and hateful look about them that makes my skin crawl and I am a bloke weighing in over 200lbs and over 6ft. The final group appear to be gleeful and hyper excited; these people are either new to their roll or very stupid.

    I am quite sure that these individuals have been lied to and encouraged to take part, paid or are part of a group that has been volunteered.

    According to my observations I am convinced that the facilitators of these activities in my neighbourhood are the police or some elements within. This is due to mix of stalkers involved consisting of every type of person from petty criminals to seemly respectable types. Some of the behaviour displayed by stalkers is nothing short of barely contained violent intent which makes believe that someone has lied to them about me. The only thing I can possibly imagine that would cause this reaction to a large man like me is an allegation of rape or paedophilia.

    Fundamental to the organized stalking phenomenon is the LIE which will cause individuals to willing go out of their way to ostracize the target. I have discovered that people are willingly manipulated and will accept a lie about another without question.

    Some stalker activities are often described as 'theater'. This consists of multiple unknown individuals doing the same thing separately at a target throughout the day. For example, at one period I had up to 12 people draw out their cell phone, all the same brand, aim it at me like a gun and withdraw it. They were not checking it in the normal manner. Another tactic was a barging campaign which quickly stopped when a couple of the stalkers bounced off me and hurt themselves.

    These harassment tactics also happen on the road while driving and is more dangerous. I have been boxed in, run off the road and cut up badly. The tires of my car have been repeatedly slashed and slow punctured resulting in two blow outs on the highway. All this happened in a one year period. The year previous, I had several cars rear end me in rush hour with all refusing to accept liability and ending up in court. I am nearly 40 years old and never seen the inside of a court until two years ago.

    I spend all my spare time and more fending myself of these multiple individuals. I am not the only one in North London who is being targeted like this. Others I have met have been peace or environmental activists. I made one collection for the Red Cross for Palestinian refugees and Lebanese war victims that may have caused my predicament.

  5. May God bless your heart and set you free from this insane torment, my friend.

    It is hard in one sense to understand how people can be so cruel, but then on the other hand, knowing the sin and wickedness in the human heart, it is understandable.

    I am praying that you find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator and God who became man to offer his life a ransom for us. He was innocent but Jesus was tortured, mocked and finally killed by crucifixion. Amazingly, Jesus willingly laid down his life for you and me. Then 3 days later, he rose from the dead, defeating Satan and the grave!

    There is a spirit world with demons who hate us and want to kill us. But Jesus is more powerful, so when we put our trust in Him alone, He gives us His Holy Spirit Who teaches us, comforts us and empowers us.

    May the Lord bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace today and everyday I pray.


    James 4:7
    "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

  6. November 29, 2007

    NOTE: Names of persons and places have been changed to protect the authors.

    First off, we are good people with a good background and have had not problems with police in the past. We have worked and still work with charities, and are very honest.
    I’m a victim of Full Blown AIDS, live in Anytown Florida, and I am writing to you because I feel I need assistance involving strange “stalking” and possibly slanderous–type activities aimed at my housemate and me. These strange activities started as soon as we moved into our new home located in Anytown Florida in January of 2007. From what we have witnessed, we believe a person or group of affiliated people have been spreading harmful rumors meant to discredit us with our new neighbors and law enforcement officials, and are also meant to harass us to make us feel uncomfortable and unwanted in our new Anytown home. These incidences of harassment have involved people following us in cars, people suspiciously showing up in droves shortly after we arrive at our destination (such as a restaurant, park, beach, or Post Office), having our neighbors and there children taunt us with verbal insults and unfounded accusations. We have also encountered tactics known by “Gang Stalking” researches as “Street Theater”. We have had incidences of trespassing, theft, destruction, and defacement of our property that has been reported to the police, but with no action taken. The worst of these harassment tactics took place on October 8th, 2007, and involved the local Anytown police department, and the Anytown River Medical Center.

    On October 8th 2007, I was forced to call 911 at around 5:20 a.m. and ask for police assistance. We heard a person knocking on our outside house wall and / or privacy fence at our Anytown, Florida home. When my housemate John and I went to investigate this noise, I heard the prowler clearly say, "We are going to get you!" in a low threatening and somewhat theatrical voice. The prowler was behind our privacy fence and on our property. After he made the statement, he ran away from our property before I could get a chance to maneuver myself to see him clearly, and it was also still very dark out at this time. This action was surely meant to disturb and intimidate us. And it had at first, but we collected our thoughts and relized what was going on.
    It was “Gang Stalking”!

    This prowlers actions has followed a string of strange events that we have been documenting in emails, such as some neighborhood people suddenly lurking in the vacant lots around our home (sometimes taking photos of us and our property), strange cars parking across the street of our property with the drivers clearly observing our house and our normal everyday activities. When we have tried to approach these people, they drive off. We have had our neighbors’ children passing our house, repeatedly making rude comments and accusations to their friends such as "They’re watching us" when they see we are in hearing distance. Also we have had a strange man approaching us (then passing) holding a club when we had taken our dogs for a walk one afternoon in early October. A few people that have been kind to us have informed us that these types of events are very unusual in our area. We have also reported bags of trash dropped on our property (away from the road) and a brand new yard tool stolen from our gated back yard. We had reported these actions to the local police. With little evidence in hand the police said they could do nothing to help us. Again, we have documented these strange events and others like them in emails, and have sent them out at the time when they had originally occurred.

    Well, back to the events of the morning of October 8, 2007. I called 911, and an officer (Deputy Policeman) of the Anytown Police Department arrived at our home to investigate. His investigation was minimal and he seemed unconcerned and in a rush to leave. In my opinion, his actions and investigation were highly unprofessional, suspicious and aloof. The officer also made statements to me that suggested that John or I might be under some type of investigation. When I questioned Deputy Policeman further on this matter, the officer informed me that he could not elaborate. I am a person disabled with AIDS, exacerbated by severe medical problems, and this event was not helping my situation. While writing out my police report to Deputy M, Policeman about this prowler incident, I had asked the officer for a paramedic to be called to assist me for chest pains I had as a result of my scare. John also requested to fill out a report form, and I made sure these police reports were scanned into my computer before handing them over. We felt it best to scan our reports mostly due to the officer’s behavior. At around 6:30 am, I was transported by paramedics to the emergency room at the Anytown River Medical Center via ambulance. When in the ambulance, I informed the paramedics of my disabling condition. When I arrived at the Sebastian River Medical Center, I was very briefly seen by a doctor (for about 5 minutes) and then held for many hours just waiting in an emergency room bed with little or no concern by staff for my reported pain. I was then taken to the ICU ward in the late afternoon, but never saw a doctor in ICU. I also waited there for hours and then that evening I was told I was being sent to another facility that could help me, but neither I, nor John was given any other information by the nursing staff as to where I was being sent. John was forced to leave the ICU due to visiting hour regulations. In the late hours of the evening I was transported to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health in Generic Beach Florida completely without my consent under the Florida “Baker Act”. When I arrived at this facility, I was informed by the staff that no doctor back at Anytown Medical had signed my documents, and I would need to "sign myself in" to this facility. I refused to do so, knowing full well that this was some sort of trick to incriminate myself. After I refused to sign myself in to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health, I asked to be released. The staff then told me that I must return in the ambulance to Anytown Medical for a doctor to sign the papers, or otherwise I could go home. I was taken back to Anytown Medical in the A.M. hours of October 9th where I asked to be released but was told by Emergency Room staff to stay where I was. An armed officer of the Anytown police force then entered the emergency room and faced me in a threatening manner. About 30 minutes later, a doctor walked into my cubical at the emergency room, took my vital signs and signed the papers. I was then taken by ambulance once again to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health. This was all done without my consent! This is all on record, as I now have the hundreds of dollars in bills from the ambulance company for the back and forth transports. When I did get to talk to a doctor at the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health (Dr. Psychiatrist ) on October 9th, he informed me that the reason I was taken to the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health was due to Deputy Cop’s statement and report that I was "Psychotic" and my reporting a prowler at my house was all just some deranged hallucination. I am sure Dr. Psychiatrist 's report has much better details than I can give you. This news was a shock to me because my housemate John had seen the same prowler, and had also made a written report to Officer Policeman, but funny how John had not been taken to the Clinic and called "Psychotic"! This is no joke! I was truly kept at the Clinic for Emotional and Behavioral Health for over 48 hours before they had to release me by law. And, I was also released from my involuntary incarceration because the center’s psychiatrist Dr. Psychiatrist would not agree with the officer’s assessment of my condition. In the days after this horrible ordeal, John and I attempted to gather all the information we could about our situation and seek legal help to possibly sue for misconduct. Our resources are limited, and my disabling health condition had soon after become much worse. Due to poor health, I have not had the chance to pursue this matter as much as I would have liked to. When John and I contacted the Anytown Police Department's records department in the days after my October 10th release (to obtain copies of our written police statements from October 8th), we had been told that John's report was never filed by Officer Policeman! This was a red flag to us, and a very suspicious action. We talked to legal professionals, but they said little could be done. This is so disturbing to us, and we are disgusted!

    How rude and highly suspicious it was for that officer not to file John's legitimate police report; and how unfair for the Anytown River Medical Center to deny my request to be released. And, it is also disturbing how I am still dealing with the effects of my unfair incarceration at a mental health facility when I have AIDS. I clearly informed the Anytown River Medical Center staff of my medical status. All of this trauma just because Officer Policeman had stated that I was "Psychotic" in his police report. What could his motivation have been? I had legitimately called 911 about a person making disturbing and violent threats to us on our property at around 5 a.m. in the morning. This was the second time we had to call law enforcement to our home in under two weeks! Of course I was scared, but not "Psychotic" as Officer Policman had reported! It is peculiar to us how no professional mental health official or medical Doctor I have seen after these events agrees with Officer Policeman’s assessment of my mental state. We can guess that this is. Could it be good old-fashioned harassment tactics, or “Gang Stalking? We sure think it is!

    It is our opinion that everything we have stated in this letter is somehow connected to some organized form of harassment called “Gang Stalking”. It is also very sad, and I would go so far as to say even abusive how some people use their own children as tools in these harassing games. When walking our dogs in our area, we have seen parents call their children to them, point at us, then encourage the child to scream at us. We have also had some adults from our area make rude slanderous comments at us when passing by our property, but later change their demeanor to be completely friendly when other people are around who could possibly witness their unusual actions. This type of thing distresses us! But we never lose our cool, and just stay smart.

    We believe and fear that there may now be an organized effort to have us accused of making contact with children / minors, based on the tactics we have witnessed, and by the statements and actions made by the people involved in these “Stalking” like events. Again, we have attempted to document every bizarre and suspicious action taken by anyone at the time of the incidents. We know that this “Stalking” pattern fits a known harassment tool used by some groups to discredit people, and we are just not that stupid not to take action, or fall into there trap. These events have also forced John to have to go to the Anytown Police station on his own to re-file a report that should have been entered into the records department on October 8th 2007 by Officer Policeman. The clerk working at the police department’s records section told John that he could obtain a copy of this 2nd written police report he had made to Officer Cop at the police station on Friday November 30th. We sure hope there is no further unprofessional actions or tricks played on us by our paid local law enforcment, but it looks like some people or groups just do not know when to quit. We are shocked by all of this, because we do not deserve this unfair and abusive treatment. But after we have done more research on “Gang Stalking” and the tactics they use, we feel this is very common in our culture. We are peaceful people who just want to enjoy our new home. We hope these events would just end, but from our research into "Gang Stalking" we have learned that it continues non–stop for these people. So we are learning to turn it into something positive and useful for other victims.

    I did hope someone could help us resolve this situation, but am not sure how to proceed. We do not wish to take any action that would incite further abuse to us, but doing nothing seems to just invite some type of "Set Up" that will be used agents us. We hope that informing you of our situation will be of some help. Please contact us for further information. The case number of the October 8, 2007 event is (07-****-OF) and recorded with the Anytown Florida Police Department. We also ask you to research "Gang Stalking" tactics so that you can better understand our situation. We would like to be able to feel safe and assured of assistance when we call 911, but that seems unlikely. We feel it is very important to work within the law, stay cool, and not take any type of direct actions ourselves. John and I also feel that it is very important for us to gather hard evidence and seek professional advice before making any type of direct accusations to law enforcement officials against any individuals in our area doing this sort of thing. We are friendly and law–abiding people, and do not wish to lower ourselves to the types of negative behavior that has been aimed at us. One other strange event I must mention also involves the Anytown River Medical Center, and took place on November 5th and 6th 2007. I went to the medical center to have blood drawn as per my doctor’s request on the morning of November 5th. I had my order form for the tests with me, and a number of vials of my blood were taken. I then was told I could leave. That afternoon, I was called by the Anytown River Medical Center and asked to return, as they needed more blood for the tests. Because I had to get this test done for treatment of my bad health, I agreed to return on the morning of November 6th. At least two further vials of my blood had been extracted and I was told that I did not have to sign in, fill out any documentation, and I did not receive any proof that more blood was taken. Because this was highly unusual, I had John accompany me to the lab to be a witness to this. I sure hope there was no nefarious activity connected with this action on the part of the Anytown River Medical Center. I’ll be sure to avoid that facility at all cost in the future. I hope my story helps someone.

    Mr. Gang Stalking Victim & Housemate John

  7. Your story broke my heart, Kenn. Thank you for sharing - as painful and horrible as it must be for both you and John.

    Gang Stalking is getting more exposure through reports like yours on the internet and more folks are working together for solutions.

    A couple of practical suggestions would be to keep a digital camera with you at all times and take photos/video clips of unusual behavior. Then post this on the internet on a blog/website like this. Your findings would protect you to some degree and offer help and encouragement to others.

    Spiritually speaking, at the root of all evil is Satan. And whether you believe in him or not, he has deceived many who are willingly being used to do his bidding.

    But the Good News is God is LARGE and IN CHARGE! And out of love for you and me, He sent His Son to take the punishment for our sin. Three days after being murdered, Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today.

    1 Peter 3:18 says, "For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit".

    Sin separates us from our Creator Who is Holy. We all have sinned - every one of us.

    But there is hope! And our ONLY HOPE in this world and the next, is putting our complete trust (100%, not 99%) in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am praying for both you and John for revelation of the Truth and for a humble heart so you can experience true freedom.

    blessings to you both,

  8. gerryduffett1/18/08, 11:57 AM

    Dec 15 2006

    Microwave Sickness / Deadly Electronic Weapons


    When I worked in the diesel generator business,

    I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada.

    Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.

    They all have "standby diesel generators"

    at their central offices and all their repeater stations.

    A lot of "national security" concerns within these systems.

    People within these systems have more than enough resources

    to make you sick if you "step on the wrong toes."

    Lots of surlpus "microwave generators." and "radio equipment."

    All with "no forensic evidence."

    Thier may be a union / non union theme to my problems.

    I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.

    I had no idea about "radio waves as weapons" until 2005,

    ......7 years after I initially got sick.

    I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the key words "constructive dismissal" in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.

    I am not sure about "microwave mind control",

    seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.

    It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at

    "radio waves as weapons".

    I think maybe thats because there is now so much "radio equipment" around the world with the advancements in "communications."

    "Non Lethal Weapons", I guess if their used properly.

    The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.

    Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.

    What an eye opener !


    Gerry Duffett

    Toronto / Ontario / Canada





  9. Thanks Gerry for your concern and your comments. The more I peel the painful onion of what's going on, the more I HAVE to turn to the Lord not only to find peace in this storm but also to find direction.
    This morning I was brought to tears as I read Matthew 14 when Jesus was told that John the Baptist was beheaded. Then later on when Jesus saw the crowds of people, he was moved with compassion. And finally after Peter stepped out to meet the Lord on the water, Peter "saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me."

    Can we humans stop all the wickedness going on under our noses and over our heads and to our lives??? I guess we can try and that's what we are doing.

    However, God is large and in charge. None of this is a surprise to Him. So as we turn to the Lord like Peter did, we will be saved.

    Read what Jesus did next:

    "And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased."

    Friend, may we not doubt but rather put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Gerry. We ask for divine intervention for his situation and healing for his body. May he find peace, salvation and comfort in You, Lord Jesus. Will you please bless him, heal him, keep him, make Your face to shine upon him, be gracious to him and give him peace? Thank you Father for Your Son - please forgive me of my sin and direct my path today I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Mark M. Rich. The hidden evil.

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  12. Wow Tony... I just went to your blog and read your painful story and am crying as write this brief note. I am so sorry for all the needless torment and harassment you've experienced!

    The world/our nation is not what we've been led to believe.

    We have been brainwashed and fed a bunch of lies, so we need to put our trust in the Lord and not in our government, not in our money, nor in ourselves.

    The world is a mess, BUT THERE IS HOPE...

    And that hope is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    His cross, His sacrifice, His obedience, His shed blood, His death. His resurrection, His forgiveness, His amazing love... all for you and for me.

    May we each get on our knees today and humbly turn to God:

    "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up."
    James 4:10

    You are in my prayers, Tony.


  13. I am a victim of gangstalking. I am fortunate also to have family that believes me. I am fortunate to have Jesus in my heart. My mother was and is harrassed as well as me. The whole thing began as workplace mobbing and spilled over into mine and my mother's neighborhoods.

  14. The grace of God is sufficient and I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ set your free of this torment.

  15. There's no question that the global intelligence community has been using computer to brain interface in which to electronically access and manipulate the minds of the masses for many decades.

    John St. Clair Akwei's federal lawsuit against the National Security Agency is further evidence of this, as is the fact that the American courts have refused to hear this case, knowing that it would result in the abolition of the NSA.

    In reality, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Cellular Network has destroyed the privacy of all citizens, since any of us can be "dialed up" by NSA through this network and spied upon without our knowledge or consent.

    The fact that our Intel controlled politicians refuse to get involved in exposing this technology is a clear sign that the United States of America exists only as a shadow government which controls us through a police state mentality.

  16. Thanks for the comment!

    I fear you are totally correct.

    Where are the bold & courageous whistleblowers??

    The wicked with pay one day...
    "Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord."
    Hebrews 10:30

  17. You are accurate when you speak of the "chemical assaults" that are administered by the "organized stalkers" who are mixed in with the public at large.

    My work involves mixing with the public on a regular basis. This, of course, is a very poor type of work for any targeted individual, for obvious reasons.

    When I have significant close contact with members of the public during the course of the day, I am routinely "poisoned" by clandestine sprays and subcutaneous injections.

    I believe that the perpetrators use very small metal tubes filled with various neuro-disrupters, and that such tubes have been "pumped up" with gaseous elements under very high pressures in order to facilitate the release of tiny, high pressure streams, almost invisible, and barely perceptible at the point of contact during the instant that the tubes are being used.

    I believe that in each case, a tiny but effective dose is administered, and that there is some small amount of subcutaneous penetration by virtue of the high pressure gas propellant that is used. The device amounts to a miniaturized, albeit somewhat perfected version of the Army's old CO-tube powered inoculators.

    The mixture in the tube contains a small amount of acid, the only purpose of which is to leave a "calling card". The acid announces it's presence by a delayed "bee sting" effect, which is delayed by a minute or so from the time of injection, and this creates an ample amount of time to allow the perpetrator(s) to get away unsuspected.

    The smallish tubes are easily concealed within any person's fist (I have seen them on numerous occasions) and I believe that in many cases they are embedded in other personal items carried by organized stalkers (cell phones, for instance).

    When I first began to notice the "bee sting" effects (about ten years ago) I did not have a position that created close proximity to the public, and so the effects were contained by infrequency). At that time, I considered that the observed effects might have been caused by uber-powered laser pens, or some other similar thing. (Newer, illegal versions of laser pens can burn wood, albeit for a short time).

    However; with job change-ups and the resultant up-tick in injection frequency, I have been affected by physical symptoms unlikely to have laser based devices as a causative effect.

    The effects include partial paralysis of members (often legs), and extreme fatigue. My work is dis-contiguous, and I often work one day and then have two free days following the work day. The day after a work day often finds me completely exhausted and bedridden for most of the day. I have come to associate the clandestine chemical assaults during the work day with the first of the two following free days being wasted in bed.

    If I have four or more days free (occasionally this happens), then only the first day after a work day is a fatigue problem. Obviously, the work day is the causative factor, and my work is not so strenuous as to cause physical exhaustion. In fact, I often work harder at home.

    I have high suspicions that continued exposure to these toxins will have future adverse health affects.

    My advise to other targets who might find similarities in their own situations, such as I have described, to find a way to put separation between themselves and unrestricted public access.

    We will win this battle (eventually). When, during the course of history, has a tyrant-ridden society ever continued long until it was deposed? Never, really. Hitler's regime was short lived (about a dozen years). Stalin got away with it a bit longer ...

    Hold your heads up, keep up the good fight ...

  18. Hi Kathy and all,

    I have noticed that I get many visits to my site and they are coming from this blog..so I thank you for posting my original email to you.

    I am living in Nanaimo BC Canada and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is just around the corner and the result is that we are looking very much like Martial Law on the west coast.

    Many of the activist that are protesting anti-poverty or anti Olympics are now expressing that they are being stalked and harassed in the community. One activist I spoke to was called a terrorist to her face for standing up and speaking the truth of what the Olympics are doing to this part of the world.

    Foot note:I was trying to link you to the group of anti-Olympic activists, but it seems their site has been taken down. I will surmise that it is being censored.

    My young adult son has now got friends who are activists who are being stalked. The Olympic budget for security alone is at a whopping 1 billion $$ and according to the media is still growing. Our tax dollars are hard at work stalking and harassing the people who speak out..and there are many thousands of us here on the west coast alone. Activists all over Canada have complained of the same kind of treatment.

    They are trying to take away our right to free speech. Vancouver will be the focus of the world in 2 weeks time and the overt presence of the police and military is evident to all. To the activist, they see both overt and covert actions of the community stalking and harassment. Some of these covert stalkers are members of volunteer groups such as community police and other volunteer organizations. These community people have been manipulated into thinking they are doing the patriotic thing and some do believe the lies created about us.

    In addition there are private security companies who are gaining significant funds for keeping an eye on all the ones who are very vocal or protesting. We are on a watch (harassment) list.

    We feel that the police will send in provocateurs and I am sure they have already embedded themselves into the community of activists. This is typical of COINTELPRO.

    I can see that the powers that be have pitted one portion of the population against the other. Their aim is to destroy the peaceful demonstrations so that they can justify their actions of treating us like that of terrorists.

    We are no longer a democratic society.
    God help us!

    Debbie Newhook
    Nanaimo BC

  19. If you would like to know more about gang stalking terrorism and electronic harassment then please read the link below. It's long but well worth the read.


  20. I have been stalked and terrorized for 5 years now. It started right after my husband died on the job he worked. I think these assholes killed him! They have been terrorizing me and my daughter ever since. They have tried to abduct both of us. They tried a home invasion on 6 different occasions and I had to take up arms to protect my daughter from these insane people! When I started fighting them back they started backing off it just does not make any sense for their behavior. I hate these people and I know it's wrong to hate. But, I hope everyone of them DIE A PAINFUL AND HORRIBLE DEATH AND BURN IN HELL FOREVER for what they have done to my family!!!!

  21. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband followed by all the pain you and your daughter have had to endure since.

    You are in my prayers...

  22. I am in London and being gang stalked, I do not know where to go to get help, I feel it would be beneficial to me to meet up with other victims of gang stalking, Is there anyone else in North London being gangstaked that would like to meet up and talk about this with me?

  23. In the meantime, may the LORD Jesus Christ bring you comfort and hope as He tells us in Matthew 11, "Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is light."


  24. My name is Jennifer Louis (Texas)and I and my sister are going through the same things. I prayed to God to show me what this was and he showed me the very next day that it is Organized Stalking. God is as real as satan, but know that God is greater. You all are obviously a threat to the kingdom of satan and those whom he works through. Be consistent with Christ and we will be victorious. God is showing me that we DO have power over Satan with Christ. The bible says that, "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:..." (Ecclesiastes 7:8) I and my sister are in the process of praying and learning to fast to God as what exactly to do (be it legally and/or spiritually). You all must understand that this is 100% satan's doing. The Lord will protect you, call on Him. I've had to many times, and still do!:) I am learning that this is designed to break/kill the human spirit. Absolutely nothing happens that our Father doesn't know about, believe it or not. There is nothing out of his reach and control. Remember, as I have to too, focus more on God and His Word (waaaaaaaaaaay more) than what satan is doing to you. It's a mind thing...these demonicacs' games!What they don't realize is the only person(s)getting played is them:) 1Peter 4:12 Love ya'll! GOD bless!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  25. Oh, and please, please, please, please, please I beg you all, DON'T hate these people! Trust me I don't have the best temper, but like Shirley Caesar said, "I'm not going to live in hell and die and go to hell." If (since)these people are putting you through hell, know that yours is almost over... theirs has yet to begin... Your suffering is but for a moment. Can they say that once theirs begins E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y? Do not render evil for evil. - 1 Peter 3:9 Instead, pray for our enemies. It ain't easy but we are called to do it. I love God and Jesus enough that I am willing to try; you take a step God will take two, three, four, five... Besides, why in the world suffer the very same hell fate as your enemies? They are not worth it. Pray, pray, pray and fast, fast, fast for provision as to how to handle this. I believe 100% God will show you. "Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly." He loves you way too much to leave you miserable, lonely, or despondent. Love Eternally! Jennifer Louis

  26. How can Satan play mind games if God has your mind?- Love

  27. Thanks Jennifer for the encouragement!!!

  28. I’m from the UK. My family and I have been harassed and stalked for well over 10 years. For me it goes back into my childhood. It started as far back as school where the ground wok was laid down. It just involved a few people who I grew up with but later it involved ever increasing numbers of people and soon even the police who would get a kick out of it. I know of another who was also targeted and he died of a drug overdose a few years ago. As a result of the set ups my niece and my nephew both have criminal records and I am up currently for trial for a staged incident. One woman who had nothing to do with it got killed in a staged car accident.
    My nephew has been stabbed twice and I have had 4 threats by people I don't know who say they should stab me. The second time my nephew was stabbed he got stabbed 8 times, one wound on the side of the neck. My nephew’s father and both of my sisters were the targets of staged accidents using the same tactics of a car coming from out of nowhere and driving into the driver’s side of their cars. Both I and my sisters have had the usual break-ins.
    On training courses they would put someone close to me. All of the people who I once knew would stop talking to me and I would get all kinds of comments on the streets.
    One of my sister’s was broken into and one person came in when my nephew was still in the flat and walked out with his play station. The police dragged their feet and took two weeks to fingerprint. They sad they knew the person and he said that he sold the games console so they won’t get it back. No further action was taken. If I had done this they would have thrown away the key. Now they are out to destroy me but you know what they say, what goes around comes around. They have no idea that what they test on us will soon be turned on them so let them continue in their own destruction, law enforcement included or should I say criminal enforcement.
    My sister lost her life just two years ago from a brain haemorrhage, part of this may have been a result of the continuing pressure on her and also the setups my nephew had to endure. Once the police stuck him in a van and tortured him for over an hour and then gave him an £80 fine to pay. My sister complained and she was told if she doesn’t pay it will go to court so she said she will take her chances in court, she heard nothing from them.
    These people will not stop. When my sister died they increased the harassment one man came at me from off a bus and started shouting at me saying they killed his parents. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I had to push him away and he ran off, there was a witness in case it got ugly and she would say that I attacked the man.
    These people don’t know when to stop but at the moment they think they are part of something big and they feel powerful, they will feel worse than any targeted individual when they see that the end game includes their demise as well. Wake up perpetrators you are being used to destroy the very fabric of the society you live in and remember the next staged accident could result in the loss of life of someone you hold dear just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Best way to see it is would you like it to happen to you? If not don’t do it to others or that’s exactly what you will get especially if you believe in karma.
    It’s your world as well don’t hand it to the devil in a hand basket unless hell is a place you want to live in.

  29. Here is a link to several quotes by Tim Rifat regarding :

    "The Soviets used the frequencies and intensities used by mobile phones, 1800 MHz and 900 MHz, as weapons. It is a rule of the intelligence community that you hide things in plain view, getting the public to accept microwave mind control weapons which effect their behaviour under the guise of mobile phones was a stroke of genius. Getting the public to pay for these microwave mind control devices, so their brains and behaviour can be damaged, to make them more docile and easy to control, was pure diabolical genius."

  30. Hi I am in London and have been the victim of gangstalking, is there anywhere I can go to get help? Does anyone know of any support groups in the uk where victims of gangstalking can meet?


  31. Hi Tom, sorry to hear you've been under attack. Hopefully someone will answer your request. Also visit the above websites and ask them as well.

    May the LORD Jesus Christ save and deliver you I pray.


  32. mtv oreantal ganes too enemys men i gout accsedently in jale got them jessy steave jhonithan iseen him folloing me to la atwater gas staion he keep trying to trick me to go wher thes killers my frens had a fite and whent to prson so they keep atacking 20 years and got mark put away and a frend that look like me killed they thout it was me then they bribed jessy jhonathen steav in kunny hustons sober living and romers dugales was going to kill me andru stalked me 2 of me cusens ther grone 14 years one stunn gunned me the oreanta gane mafea keeps holding job old wherhoues jobs frome me i dont want um now i thought it was pd then mike tyson mormons tirone grame la chisum okland i dont gane bane and molard stalking me a lady got a needel with mike tyson she look like jordon in hill vew metel health they torcer me with needel i pased out then theyr trying to cover up stunn gunning me it s in barising im avoding the cases of hospitals every case even fites i get mad some time but not this inbarising as them going off 3 too 5 years 24hr trying as mush as 54 thousnd men i won all that part so they get homisidel and violant unteal ther crazy and need to see pyciatryst ther sik in the head i told um 5 years ago and ther steel stalking me home invading meset up my ssi edu job 60 to 90more keep me lonsum and desterbed mentaly

  33. My name is Sabrina Taylor I have been gang stalked for seven years in Chicago,Waukegan possibly. And definitely. MINNESOTA. I feel my stalking experience. Is out of hand, I have been chased out of College, lost apartments, I have had my Facebook.com/karizmakid threatened. To be hacked or dismantled. Because of the Terroristic threats to me and my kid. My clothes and glasses torn, my phones hacked, wifi ability disrupted, I am threated. With fake drug overdoses,disease,murder,faked natural looking death caused by intense nonionizing radiation. Exposure. From Him weapons, chipped without permission, hair loss, income tampering, browning teeth front radiation treated with no respect, insulted. With the hopes of cause cardiac trauma, I am led to believe an insurance. Fraud scam is being perpetrated. Because of birth certificate. And social security card theft and ID.theft. I am not left alone threats.of killing and transport. Of me and/or my kid's body to another country. So in other words possibly. Kidnapped and missing, threat to other family and friends constant harangue. Of body image insults. THE BLACKENING OF MY THOUGHTS FROM BEING. Seen in my head via Rnm. To inhibit Vrain functions. For almost a year. Constant FORCED SPEECH TO TRY AND MAKE ME SPEAK OBSCENITY. Against. THE HOLY GHOST, AND PPL OF DIFFERENT. Religions. And Organizations. To incite PPL to assist in tormenting me I have ntrusive thinking, but I am rational and sane. I passed a pyscolonial in order to get surgery. My experience. Has been most traumatic. I am traumatized. With LETHAL INTENT WITH THE INTENTION TO MURDER, I WAS TOLD MY KID WOULD bE FORCED TO KILL HERSELDf WITH MIND CONTROL.......I am treated with dignity and respect. THIS IS INHUMANE!!!!!!!!

  34. Sabrina, that is horrible!! And I'm so sorry for all the torment :( The Lord must have His hand on you since you are still alive. Nevertheless, I and other reading this, will be praying for you.

    If you are a believer/follower of Jesus Christ, please go to this link and read ALOUD the list of who we are in Christ. It is very powerful because the Truth will Set us Free http://enjoyingthejourney.blogspot.com/2008/08/who-i-am-in-christ.html

  35. Sad story Sabrina, I bet you are NOT an agel but just an innocent human being who does not need to go through this.

    It looks like insurance is the main motive for most stalkers. There is a digital/communications agency in Cape Town South Africa that puts out fake job posts only to kill the employees months into the new job.

    Offcourse noone would ever know the cause of death as its all done remotely



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