Michael Savage is an Agent Provocateur

I had never listened to Michael Savage until this morning.

Someone just sent me a video/audio clip of him ranting and raving against the moslems.

I could only listen to half as his anger and language is upsetting.

But that's his agenda and he does his job well.

Like Alex Jones, Butch Paugh, Bo Gritz and others, he is an agent provocateur who is being used to fuel the fire of anger in folks by telling a lot of truth sprinkled with lies to mislead folks to do something we may regret for eternity.

Beware of people like Michael Savage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMEAVK6NxFA

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Jesus in Matthew 5:9

And click here to read more about agents provocateurs.

I sent the above out in an email this morning and received some interesting replies...

Email 1
"Michael Savage has a huge following too. It is a shame that he, and other, even Howard Stern, are allowed to poison the minds of the public. I totally agree with you. "

Email 2
"Thank you for input / opinion concerning Michael Savage ( talkhost radio guy ) . I listen to him every once in awhile. I like his stuff sometimes , but I also keep in mind that he has a wordly perspective and not a biblical one. He covers the Jewish/ Israeli / anti- immigration arguments from both an intellectual side and a ' good ole' boys ' side. Gotta cater to the radio audience I guess. In final, he doesn't believe in Jesus ( yet ) as the ONLY hope for human governance for our own good - but what do you expect to hear from an unbeliever !!!! ????? ..............his philosophy caters to fleshly mind in final analysis. You mentioned Alex Jones. I just got his recent DVD yesterday ( " Endgame " ) , and thought quite good, though it seems to me he is looking at events from a nationalistic ( patriotic ) point of view rather from biblical in final analysis. Its good people such as yourself are denying themselves of self for sake of truth spread. Thank you much. I don't celebrate christmas . Most folks don't know it historically used to be outlawed in the early stages of colonialism. Thanks again."

Email 3
"Yeah, I heard him the first time on ____'s car radio and ____ was smiling and say "yeah yeah, this guy says it like it is, baby". But the Good Lord is merciful and I received the information that Mr. Savage's real name is Michael Weiner and he's a sex addict as well as a fomenter of discord...when I heard him he was talking about nuking the ragheads, if only America had the "political will"...he's truly dispicible and needs a lot of prayer."

Email 4
"Oh yes! I listened to him for awhile as I commuted ... I thought he was a huge, whiny, negative, insulting, offensive baby. He called himself a Christian but I couldn't stand him. I only found Howard Stern to be more distasteful. Of course you knew not to listen to Stern but Savage made you think maybe there was something there, for about a minute."


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