MSNBC Article on Cheryl Dunlap's Disappearance

Dec 19, 2007 The body of Cheryl identified today. (the latest UPDATES and lots more photos at this link).

Wakulla Missing Woman
By Bobeth Yates
Dec 12, 2007

It's been almost two weeks since a Wakulla County woman disappeared.

Cheryl Dunlap has been missing since December 1. Her story is not just a concern in Wakulla and Leon Counties; a lot of folks in Jackson County are also worried about Dunlap.

Many of them are teens like Heather Land, who says she was very close to Dunlap."She's like a second mom to me.

"Forty-six-year-old Cheryl Dunlap has been mentoring children like Heather Land for more than 10 years. Sarah Steinle was one of them. "She taught GA group at church and we use to hang out with her, and she really just discipled us and poured into our lives. "But on December 1 all that stopped. That's the day Cheryl Dunlap disappeared, and something Land says she has yet to grasp. "It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that we don't know where she is, especially not her."But authorities have come up with more clues in the case.

Monday search crews found Dunlap's car on 319. It's a remote two-lane road and it's has very few lights. Apparently Dunlap had a blowout on this road and she left her car to go get help, but she never returned.

At this point, Leon County sheriff's investigators suspect foul play. They say someone used Dunlap's ATM card in Leon County on December 2, 3, and 4. Pictures taken by the ATM's video camera show the suspect is a tall thin man apparently wearing gloves, a hat, and a mask.

Despite the grim outlook, Steinle says those closest to Dunlap are not getting discouraged. "Everything is going to be ok no matter what we think. I know the lord is taking care of her. Besides keeping the faith, Dunlap's friend Tiffany Morris says Dunlap's mentees have also been hard at work. "We've be out passing out flyers where she works and trying to saturate the area."

And the girls have created a MySpace page for Dunlap to hopefully generate some leads. The site is (incorrect url - it should be

Dunlap moved to the Crawfordville area several years ago. Prior to that, she lived in Jackson County, working at the Graceville-Campbellton Hospital, so there are a lot of people in those communities who'd like to see her safe return. If you have any information about Cheryl Dunlap, please call the Violent Crimes Unit at 922-3418 or Crime Stoppers at 574-TIPS.


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From yesterday...
Missing Woman's ATM Card Used
Posted: 6:43 PM Dec 12, 2007
Last Updated: 6:43 PM Dec 12, 2007

Authorities have released pictures of a mysterious man who used the ATM card of a missing woman with ties to the Wiregrass area.

Cheryl Hodges Dunlap once lived in Geneva County and worked at the Campbellton-Graceville Hospital in Jackson County.

She was last seen December 1st at her home in Crawfordville, south of Tallahassee.

Her car was found abandoned with a blown-out tire two days later in Leon County.

Investigators say a tall, thin man wearing gloves and a mask used the woman's ATM card to withdraw cash in Tallahassee on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The search for him continues.

A reward is being offered to help solve the case.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at 850-547-TIPS.

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Dec 16, 2007
Dec 19, 2007 The body of Cheryl identified today. (the latest UPDATES and lots more photos at this link).


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