Child tells Bentley. "I don't want you to touch me!"

This one minute video was difficult to watch.



  1. I actually disagree with your comment, demons recognize who Jesus is, even if we don’t. Why would a child be scared of prayer? I contend that it was the demonic force that was scared not the child. Prayer brings healing and deliverance – consider St. Luke’s 8 26-40. I’ve actually seen a child cry and hear the demon speak through the child – a wrestling that I will never forget. Let’s not be hasty in our judgment. Time will reveal whether this man is really called by GOD or is a false prophet as is suggested.

  2. Time has come, and Todd is ensnared as he has claimed the mantle of the "anointing" of those who are already identified as false...

    While not being hasty in judgement, let's also be timely as well...

    Singh ...all on Todd's list of mentors and influences...

    and the list could go on...

    This is not about signs and wonders, this is about theology, doctrine and Holy Scripture...

    Use the Plumb Line...


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