World News Updates

Thursday June 19, 08

Radio talk show host Michael Reagan is calling for the murder of political activist, Mark Dice, after hearing that Dice is mailing letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq. Reagan wants to pay for the bullets.

The view that many nonbelievers hold of the Church is not very high and many describe the Church as divided rather than united, as one innovative pastor found.

EU foreign ministers have agreed to keep the Lisbon reform treaty alive despite its rejection by Irish voters.

NBC commentator Tim Russert was taking prescription medications when he suffered a heart attack and died yesterday at the age of 58. The mainstream media is reporting that Russert died from a "heart attack," but no press outlet has yet bothered to ask: "What caused the heart attack?"

A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags.

President George Bush was given such a splendid welcome by Pope Benedict XVI yesterday that rumours started flying that the President, like Tony Blair before him, was on the verge of converting to Catholicism.

Televangelist Peter Popoff's ministry has reimbursed a Nanaimo woman after she went public with concerns about the fundraising techniques of the California-based church.

Saudi Arabia is considering boosting oil production to its highest level in more than 25 years in order to bring down record prices and ease political pressure from the US and other developed countries.

The militants crept up behind Mohammed Akhtiar as he squatted at the spigot to wash his hands before evening prayers at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson urged other Group of Eight industrialized nations Friday to back a special fund of up to $10 billion to help developing countries fight global warming.

The American inventor Anthony Brown has found a way to shut down the fuel injection system in cars and make them run mostly on water.

The Vatican has created an anti-terrorist unit in order to guard the Holy See and the pope from a possible attack.

“We believe people are upset are rising costs of food, mortgages and clothing. That we believe is as much a reason for today’s result as any public apathy towards Europe,” said one government minister.