Why the Microchip Implant is NOT the Mark of the Beast from

The occult "underground" that is about to surface globally as the occult "establishment" does not want Christians to discover that the Mark of the Beast is an OCCULT SYMBOL. To this end, they have strategized in advance to brainwash the Christian community that the Mark will be a microchip implant. Christians must not allow current events or the rampant propaganda to interpret Scripture for them, but must carefully study what the Bible has to say about the Mark of the Beast. Although the implantable microchip will be used to track and control people during the Tribulation, the computer chip does not fulfill the Scriptural requirements for the Mark of the Beast. The Greek New Testament states that the mark will be a stamp (tattoo) that is imprinted or branded ON the head or forehead.

The major supplier of resources for Christian youth ministries sells designs for their products that combine occult symbols with Christian themes. These esoteric designs could easily be converted to tattoos that would fulfill the requirement to display the name, number or mark (symbol) of the Beast. Our report displays many of these designs accompanied by explanations of their occult symbolism and, where applicable, the *666* motif is involved. We predict that "designer marks of the beast" will be well received and even popular in the worldly, state-sponsored Laodicean churches of the Tribulation period.


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