"We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly." Psalm 106:6
61 years ago AFTER Japan had agreed to surrender, a single atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima, Japan, killing more than 140,000 people and wounding countless others. Three days later, the United States dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki, killing another 73,000 innocent and unsuspecting victims. How could that have been right? There is no justification for committing such terrorism!

And TODAY, America is allowing Israel to destroy Lebanon, giving them money and providing them weapons. The U.S. House of Representatives repealed a ban on the $350 million F-22 Raptor sales to foreign air forces in a voice vote on July 1. An approval in the Senate and F-22's will be enroute to Israel. There will be retired Air Force pilots flying for Israel over Iraq. These advanced jets (Raptor F-22's) are made in the USA by Lockheed Martin/Boeing and can beat Iran's elaborate missile defense system. Israel/world Jewry want to control the Mideast oil supplies - Iraq and Iran sit on 35%+ of the world's oil. Are we seeing WW3 and is history repeating itself?

On 6 August 1945, a number of eyes in the Japanese city of Hiroshima turned skyward at the drone of a US B-29 bomber flying across the cloudless sky, accompanied by two other aircraft. Their arrival was not a surprise; the early warning radar net had detected the incoming planes and an air-raid alert had been issued for the city. But soon the Japanese military realized that only three planes were incoming, and the alert was lifted. The anti-aircraft guns sat silent, and the fighter planes lingered in their hangars. A mere three planes were considered incapable of posing a significant threat, so it was presumed that these craft were weather planes– a precursor to a true attack. The Japanese military opted to conserve their diminishing supplies of munitions and fuel for use against more serious threats.

The sound of the American planes drew the attention of the city's residents, many of whom were outdoors participating in work programs. A few saw a large parachute unfurl beneath the B-29 before it flew away, but most saw only the flash that soon followed. The events that unfolded that morning on the streets of Hiroshima were recorded by those who survived. These survivors would come to be known as hibakusha– "people exposed to the bomb."

Of the survivors, Akiko Takakura was among the closest to ground zero at only three hundred meters. She was twenty years old at the time, and she had just started her morning routine at her job in the in the Bank of Hiroshima.

"Well, it was like a white magnesium flash. I lost consciousness right after or almost at the same time I saw the flash. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in the dark. I heard my friends, Ms. Asami, crying for her mother. Soon after, I found out that we actually had been attacked. Afraid of being caught by a fire, I told Ms. Asami to run out of the building. Ms. Asami, however, just told me to leave her and to try to escape by myself because she thought that she couldn't make it anywhere. She said she couldn't move. I said to her that I couldn't leave her, but she said that she couldn't even stand up. While we were talking, the sky started to grow lighter. Then, I heard water running in the lavatory. Apparently the water pipes had exploded. So I drew water with my helmet to pour over Ms. Asami's head again and again. She finally regained consciousness fully and went out of the building with me. We first thought to escape to the parade grounds, but we couldn't because there was a huge sheet of fire in front of us. So instead, we squatted down in the street next to a big water pool for fighting fires, which was about the size of this table. Since Hiroshima was completely enveloped in flames, we felt terribly hot and could not breathe well at all. After a while, a whirlpool of fire approached us from the south. It was like a big tornado of fire spreading over the full width of the street."

Israelis To Get F-22 Raptors