FORCING GOD'S HAND by author Grace Halsell (1923-2002) confronts Christian extremism head-on.

One reader wrote: "She talks candidly about what may probably be called The New Cult in America which is gaining momentum so fast, i.e., the cult headed by Evangelists like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Hal Lindsay who would stop at nothing to fulfil their un-Christ like agendas. The cult has been able to penetrate even the most powerful office in the world (The White House), and its current occupant, George W. Bush. They have literally hijacked Christianity, and turned it into the most intolerant, conniving, and violent faith. They are prepared to expedite the second coming of Jesus Christ by forcing the preceding events by any means necessary, even if it means destroying the planet Earth. They have changed, manipulated, and misinterpreted verses in the Bible to suite their evil goals. Another issue that Ms. Halsell talks frankly about is the '13th Tribe' in which she quotes Arthur Koestler, the author of the book, 'The Thirteenth Tribe' in which he gives historical facts on how the current Jews in Israel are really non-Semitic because they are in reality originally East Europeans/Russians who CONVERTED to Judaism. Forcing God's Hand is really a must read for anybody who is concerned with the integrity of Christianity, the preservation of the true teachings of Jesus, and the deadly alliance being forged between the American Christian Right and the Zionists. A truly fascinating book that you would not want to put down, and will give you a wide scope of what really goes behind the scenes. It's a book that will surely make you stop and think, and start asking tough questions."

Another reader says" What an amazing book! It opens a whole new look at why the country is in such a turmoil. Grace Halsell, who used to work at the White House during Johnson's years as president has presented us with a horrifying and believable theory that certain evangelical Zionist Christians and certain Israel citizens have been conspiring to hurry up the approaching Armegeddon so that they can receive what they call Rapture without going through the tribulations. She says this is why we have given Israel so much money and support over the years. In order for this to happen, they have to destroy Islams Holy shrines and build a third temple on the mount and use animals as sacrificialments like they did in early bible times. Millions and billions will die. Of course, since they are disobeying Gods Ten Commandments, they will not receive this rapture they are looking forward to, because God will choose when and how Armegeddon will happen. Will there be misery and death and loss if they continue on this course? Yes, many will suffer including them. Much of where the evangelists place their belief is from the Scofield Bible, written by a man of dubious character. He fled from Kansas (abandoning his wife and children) amid accusations of embezzling political contributions made to Senator John Ingalls, a former partner. When he was in jail for forgery he had a religious conversion and was under the influence of James Brookes, the Darbyite Dispensationalist. He ended up writing a Bible that went along with the regular Bible using his own interpretations of what he thought the bible meant and this is what many of our evangelists use now. Some of the people she lists that believe in this theory is Jerry Falwell (big time), Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsay, Tim Lehay, Ronald Reagan, Bush, Dan Quayle and wife, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, and many more. Read the book to understand what is at stake-our world as we know it."