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From http://thebiggestsecretpict.online.fr/nwo.htm

1st dog in space.Laika was the first dog ever to go in space. She died within a few hours of orbiting the earth out of its atmosphere, boiled to death, as it should have happened to the Apollo astronauts... Also see this article about how several Russian astronauts died in space, before Gagarin ever made it to go into orbit at a height that was safe.

Two light sources.Only long after the completion of the Apollo missions did some sharp observers note oddities in the pictures allegedly made on the moon. In this picture, the lighting that can be observed could never come from a single source like the sun, seeing that the shadows go in different directions.
Two light sources.Here, the shadows of the LM and its environment also go in different directions
Fake light on a fake moon.Here, the lighting is focussed on an oddly small area compared to how the sun would lighten the rest.

Photographs, not foil.This picture seems to show photographs laying on one of the landing pads of the LM. They can't be the foil, and in theory they couldn't be photographs, as these weren't supposed to have been on the moon! However, they DO seem to show the moon landscape as seen on the mission picts and films, and must probably have been used to compare earlier film/photo shots, but were forgotten by some set-manager... oops...

Billion dollar LM, or shabby handwork?Is this the LM that really went to the Moon? If you ever get the chance, then you should also see the original spacesuits from very nearby (like I did during an exposition)! It's about the same kind of "quality product", and would surely not be able to stand some serious rough handling or the supposedly extreme atmospheric conditions of the moon...

IRREFUTABLE proof of a hoax.And if the analyses of impossible light angles and various other oddities have led to a certain amount of discussions, with some room for doubt, then this picture certainly settles the matter for good. It is IRREFUTABLE proof that there has indeed been a massive deception by NASA and the government of the USA... This picture is not "doctored", and comes straight from a NASA website. Read and see more of some of the very best photoanalyses of the moon hoax available (and the source of this and previous 2 picts), at 1, 2, 3, 4, and this article.

"Live" on TV:do you believe?Think about the BILLIONS of people that have been fooled by the apollo hoax... If the USA government and its organisations could have pulled off such a thing, then why would they NOT be capable, and - most importantly - willing, to fool the world into believing 9-11 was a genuine "terrorist" attack by foreigners, in which the US government had no part...?Tip: print this pict as a mini-poster. The original sources for the above picts are 1 and 2.