August 26, 2006

It's one smal HOAX for man - one GIANT HOAX for mankind!
UPDATE SEPT 18, 2006: A better video from google is available which raises more doubt about the moon landing. The video below is questionable I admit, so please check out this other one.

You have GOT TO WATCH this 34 second video clip that PROVES THE MOON LANDING WAS A GIANT HOAX!!!

Short and to the point... a very painful point, I might add.

Wonder if this is one of the videos NASA has "misplaced"? (see news article: NASA Seeking Lost Moon Landing Tapes August 16, 2006) If so, I can see why!


May the lies be exposed, may the truth be revealed, and may souls be saved in Jesus name, is my prayer.


Blogger Stevie B said...

How does this short video clip conclusively show the moon landing to be a hoax? In all fairness, anyone could have made this video.

Your favorite Canadian, Stevie B

8/27/06, 8:11 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Hi Steve!

Yes, I will post more information which I believe confirms that we never went to the moon.

Stay tuned, my friend...


8/27/06, 8:49 AM  

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