It's one smal HOAX for man - one GIANT HOAX for mankind!
UPDATE SEPT 18, 2006: A better video from google is available which raises more doubt about the moon landing. The video below is questionable I admit, so please check out this other one.

You have GOT TO WATCH this 34 second video clip that PROVES THE MOON LANDING WAS A GIANT HOAX!!!

Short and to the point... a very painful point, I might add.

Wonder if this is one of the videos NASA has "misplaced"? (see news article: NASA Seeking Lost Moon Landing Tapes August 16, 2006) If so, I can see why!


May the lies be exposed, may the truth be revealed, and may souls be saved in Jesus name, is my prayer.


  1. Hey
    How does this short video clip conclusively show the moon landing to be a hoax? In all fairness, anyone could have made this video.

    Your favorite Canadian, Stevie B

  2. Hi Steve!

    Yes, I will post more information which I believe confirms that we never went to the moon.

    Stay tuned, my friend...



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