Most of my Christian life I've been taught that the scarlet woman in Revelation 17 (Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth who is drunk with the blood of the saints and riding upon a many horned and headed beast) refers to Rome and the Roman Catholic church. However, some think the Mother of Harlots is Israel and the Israel of today and tomorrow is the continuation of that symbolic woman once chosen by God as His unique bride among the nations, but whom He ultimately divorced and cast away because of her adultery. In Ted Pike's article, ISRAEL: ON THE WAY TO EMPIRE IN THE MIDEAST, he says that Judaism is Babylonian:

The fact that Rabbinic Judaism is already bloody with the martyrs of Jesus combines with several other features of Babylon the Great to forge a compelling link between Judaism and the Mother of Harlots.

Rabbinic Judaism, more than any other religion or culture except perhaps the inhabitant of modern Iraq, is Babylonian. Its greatest spiritual and legal authority is the Babylonian Talmud. The Judaism of the Rabbis was created by the nearly 1,600 years it spent upon the decadent plains of Shinar. Such was a period roughly equivalent to the entire time the Hebrews spent in Palestine. Similarly, few religions have more of a tradition of occultry than Judaism. The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that by the latter part of the Jewish sojourn in Babylon, “The most profound scholars were adept in the black art and the law did not deny its power. The people, who cared little for the views of the learned, were devoted to witchcraft. . ." Egypt “. . .gave Judaism its magic and Babylonia its divination while Hellenism served as the connecting link.” (Helping bring Jewish/Babylonian occultry to the west.) “In view of the authority which the Talmud possessed for posterity, the magic in it could not but influence later generations.” Babylonian magic, numerology, demonology, astrology, etc, suffuses the Talmud and its mystical companion the Zohar, or “Kabbalah.” As Revelation describes Babylon the Great as deceiving the entire world through her “sorceries,” so the Jews, who were known in the West as "Chaldeans", carried the black arts of Babylon to Christian Europe.

Also, as Revelation describes “the great city” of the end times as corrupting all the nations, so we see evil Jewish leaders today not only erecting a political/commercial world empire, but pouring filth out upon the nations through the movie, television and internet media, promoting promiscuity, homosexuality, and spearheading all forms of left-wing, Anti-Christ radicalism. (See, “
Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish”)

Mass Deception: Finally, there is the fact that just as Babylon the Great will deceive all nations in the end times, including, if possible, the “very elect,” so we see unparalleled deception right now. The Zionist descendants of the Pharisees, exactly as Christ described their forefathers, are, through control of their media, presenting a whitewashed fa├žade to the Church and nations. Such window dressing, especially effective in hiding from the world Israel’s brutality in her occupied territories and persecution of Christians resulting from ADL inspired “Anti-Hate Laws,” has never been more convincing. The fact that the Jewish lobby in the United States has literally deceived the very elect into an unquestioning support of its ambitions and atrocities in the Middle East is awesome evidence of how compelling will be the Jewish powers of thought manipulation as we draw even closer to the end. It reminds us that when Christ warned us that the delusions of the end time would be so convincing that “even the very elect” would be deceived, if that were possible, He was speaking to us not of a time in the grotesque future. He was describing our day. He was warning us that the closer we approach the time of anti-Christ, the less we should assume that we have a perfect perception of any kind of reality -- least of all a subject as dubious as the Jews.

What we are witnessing at this very hour, then, are the continuing and monstrous complications of that great “falling out” between Christ and His chosen bride thousands of years ago. Today we are not simply approaching the foothills of antichrist. We are in them. Through intrigue and deception and changing of times and laws, the world control and commercialism of Babylon the Great has come to under-gird and surround us. Yet we have not perceived it. In fact, we have assisted it.

In short, Babylon is now.