The Abuse of Whistleblower Bradley Manning

Today is Bradley's is 23rd birthday, which he is spending in jail...

Who is Bradley Manning?

Author: al dussault
Published: December 16, 2010 at 6:55 am

Who is Bradley Manning? Ask the question to most Americans and they will not have a clue.

During the Valerie Plame fiasco, there was no question who Dick Cheney was. Actually, everyone in the country could tell you that he certainly was the force behind the leak... I wonder if we could place the former Vice President in Pvt. Manning's solitary confinement with not even a bed sheet and a pillow, and give Pvt. Manning the treatment that the former Vice President got for his leak. I remember a phrase that I heard once about the military, "different spanks for different ranks." This case so illustrates this American neurosis.

Something that we do know is that this Pvt. has been in the military brig on a base in Virginia for five months. Another thing that we know is that his treatment as a detainee has been held at the highest level of detention which means he is in a cell for 23 of 24 hours a day. Is this torture?

Why are we so willing as a nation to disregard our most prized possession — our values? Where is the America the Beautiful that we use to sing about in grammar school? And how is this level of punishment before trial, mind you, acceptable?
Who must we petition in order to free ourselves from these shackles? We are riveted to the inconsequential sound bites of TV news. We hear a small piece of some small condition in some small part of the world and we say, "oh, thank God we live in America."

Wake up America! This land is no longer my land and we will have very little to pass on to the the next generation if we continue to turn our backs on the truth as it is being exposed. We are living under a military industrial complex and everything we do points to the fact that more and more wealth will continue to be concentrated in the hands of a few and the sounds bites that come out will all advance the cause of the few.

Bradley Manning may be one of the first heroes of the 2nd American revolution. You think I am kidding? Do you think that I am exaggerating the facts here? This boy is in trouble. Most of us do not even know who he is, why he is being held and why it should matter to us.

This is Bradley Manning: He is a boy martyr being sacrificed for daring to expose — to make transparent some of the many facts that we as Americans seem to think are already facts — what should be public.

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Rabbi Tav said…
In the European Union, whatever that undemocratic, unconstitutional, dictatorship actually is, torture (Article 3 HRA 1998) includes "inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".

In the European Court it would merely be a question as to whether solitary of 23 hours a day was inhuman or degrading or a punishment.

Military Law is different however surely this individuals loss of liberty is the punishment.

Solitary, as in the case of Steve McQueen, in "The Great Escape" was a seperate punishment.

Of course it constitutes torture.
Cathy Palmer said…
Article with link to video of a US Army helicopter firing on unarmed civilians and killing two Reuters employees in Afghanistan.
Anonymous said…
hi cathy
elsewhere the opinion is that some believe bradley manning isn't a real person
many state the case that the fbi released information about him before arrest and after when the normal response is to say ''no comment during these investigations ''
i agree with the consensus about the whole wikileaks affair is a set up for selective site shut down on the basis of threat to national security
Cathy Palmer said…
hmmm... hadn't heard that but haven't really been following the story much as I usually ignore whatever is getting major coverage is the controlled media.

I for sure don't trust the wikileak guy - he's getting WAY too much coverage.

You could be right... wouldn't surprise me. However, if the kid is real, he needs to get a new lawyer.

So much of the news is manufactured that it is ridiculous. This is why we MUST keep our eyes on the LORD JESUS CHRIST for peace, joy, love and freedom.

Glory to His name!!!