The Charismatic Movement/Calvary Chapel/Maranatha Productions Was/Is Funded by the Illuminati

"I saw 35 million dollars in two years go into the charismatic movement to build the four biggest churches in the United States that lead it, plus the Full Gospel Businessmen." - John Todd

"What's a charismatic? Okay. A charismatic... let's put it this way: a charismatic movement, the charismatic movement, to the outside people, it's the movement that declares the speaking in tongues. Okay. That is separate from the Pentecostal denominations and churches. Most people do not realize that the Pentecostal churches are not part of the charismatic movement. In fact, many of them oppose it. All right.

"The charismatic movement in reality was one of three steps declared back in 1964 to do two things while the main function was to destroy the fundamental church of any type. Alright. The masons was one and the charismatic church was another, okay, and then political maneuvers was third. Most people get caught up in the charismatic movement and they don't stand back and watch it. It has .... wherever it goes, if it isn't a fundamental church, it splits it, every time. I've never seen any fundamental evangelical church stay the same after it came there.

"And the other thing it does, is that it unites all the liberal churches. It has brought the Catholics, the Lutherans, and the Mormons, even the Mormons, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, everybody together. Now I'm going to make some quotations... see, I'm not a charismatic, I admit it. But I'm not a Baptist either, so don't say I'm saying it because I'm a Baptist I'm against it. I'm against it for one reason: I was on the council of 13 and had to pay too many millions of dollars out to that organization to accept that it be of God and it's leaders since I know most of its leaders by first name basis.

"They used the charismatic movement to establish Jesus rock. I had to deliver a 4 million dollar check that was the second 4 million dollar check that Chuck Smith that created Calvary Chapel and Maranatha Productions received from the Illuminati. And he knew it was Illuminati money before you go out of here and say that he didn't.

"The purpose of it was to build Maranatha Industries and Productions, which started Jesus rock back when the Christian church was preaching against rock music, not knowing why, but preaching against it just the same and throwing it out of the churches. That scared the Illuminati and the occult world to death. At that time, we almost thought that their end had come because if that really happened within the Christian church, the Christian church would have the biggest mass revival of souls in the United States that this world has ever seen. That's the purpose of rock music, to make sure that that never takes place.

"Now, let me finish all this because it's long... When that took place, they got scared. So they got smart, they thought, and they built Jesus rock. And you can take some of the top Jesus rock songs and you can play the same rock songs over here and it's the very same tune with new words stuck in it. Now I want to give you a key that witches know about. Okay? The sign of the devil's music, they say Lucifer’s music, is not the words, it's the music; the power’s in the music. The sign of Christian music is not the music, it's the words. That's why one song written by a group with catch on and will bless Christian's hearts and others won't. Have you ever wondered why the Gaithers are the number one group in the United States? It's not because they sing great. It's because of the songs they write and the power in those songs.

"Now I know being in the occult world, the power in music and I'm saying all this because I was the leader of Zodiac... Productions which was a conglomerate which owns almost all rock booking agencies and production of concerts in the United States. Almost 95% of the groups that you hear in concert belong to contract to Zodiac Productions. Most of the friends I have in the world are friends that I met in the rock industry of people whose albums you buy today. Okay?

"The Illuminati doesn't produce rock music to entertain you. They don't produce rock music to make money. They don't need that money. They own everything anyway. They do it to put demonic influence in your life. Music is a spell and every witch knows it. That's why when somebody is saved out of the occult and they say, 'Pastor, what do I do?' And the pastor will say, 'Burn everything that has to do with the occult'. That's all the pastor says. And they'll bring in their rock records. Nobody has to tell them to do it. They were in witchcraft. They know what rock music is."
- John Todd (listen to audio below to hear more)

Tape 3B Continuation of what is the Illuminati? Who leads it? The Charismatic movement / Chuck Smith / Jesus Rock / John Birch Society / Freemasons, purpose of Rock Music, etc

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emcolo said…
I am not saying he was not telling the truth, because he was set up to take a fall and then murdered after he was released from prison. But every company including Maranatha denied his claims. Of course they would deny the allegations. being that admitting the facts would also mean letting the "cat out of the bag" so to speak and they would be accountable for their actions. including openly exposing the real Illuminati that exists even today.
Ric Brennan said…
I can say that this is not true and I'm somewhat shocked that people would believe it. I guess you can find someone to believe anything.

But - ha-ha - no $4 million check to Maranatha!Music. Believe me, the records would have been A LOT BETTER if we had that kind of money.

Those early albums were squeaked out of the earnings of a single group - Children of the Day. They self-financed the start of Maranatha!Music and then as more groups caught on - Love Song, Parable, Daniel Amos - the album budgets gradually went up. By the time those groups were recording their second albums, they would be LUCKY if they could get $20K as a budget. And you can pretty much hear the budget in the music. The early stuff is pretty basic.

So, someone is telling some rather tall tales around here.
Trisha Dishing said…
I TOTALLY believe John Todd, TOTALLY! The comment above, Ric Brennan, is nothing but a shill, a deceiver, don't fall for his LIES! May God continue to bless the legacy of John Todd's work and may it continue to open up ASLEEP so called Christians