Clay Duke: Did He Have a Cap Gun, a Small Pistol or .45 Caliber Gun?



Today, Clay Duke, allegedly fired on school board members here in Panama City Beach, FL during their meeting and was then shot/killed by a security guard. However, the latest update says he shot himself in the head after being shot several times in the torso by the security guard. Okay, that's bizarre in itself. But in various accounts, eye witnesses do not agree upon the weapon. One says it was a cap gun, another says it was a small pistol and a third says it was a .45 caliber gun! So what was the weapon and what REALLY happened?

UPDATED: Gunman ID'd; Eyewitness reports of shooting at school board

December 14, 2010 02:18:00 PM PANAMA CITY —A gunman was shot and is reported to be dead after taking over the school board meeting today. Officials close to the investigation have confirmed to the News Herald that the gunman was Clay Duke. He was driving a white Mitsubishi. His wife had been fired by the school system. He was shot by former School Board member and district security chief Mike Jones who was not in the meeting but was alerted to the presence of a gunman. However, police now say that the killing shot came from Duke's own gun. Reporter Daniel Carson was in the meeting room and here is his account, given after making a statement to police: "They had just got into the action item portion of the agenda, having a discussion about a revision to school board policy. This guy had been sitting in the back of room, not acting irratically or anything. He got up and walked to podium, but I couldnt see that he had a gun. "He pulls out a can of red spray paint, muttered something like 'you're a bunch of assholes' to school board ... and draws on the wall a red circle with 'v' through it. He pulls out this gun that turned out to be a cap gun, I think, and he started talking to the school board and told everyone to clear the room except the men on the school board. "Then Ginger Littleton, I think, swung her purse at him. Nobody knew it was a cap gun. I couldnt tell if he hit her or not, but looked like she kind of went down. She's not injured by the way." Carson was outside the back door of the room with two others, including Bay Defense Alliance representative Leon Walters and teacher Dianne Wishart, and they cracked the door to see what was happening inside. "We kept peeking in to make sure he hadn't killed the entire school board. We closed the door, and I heard two pops. Mike Jones must have entered from another door inside the building and shot the guy. "I went back in there, the guy is on the floor, blood coming out of his head. Bill Husfelt is consoling Mike Jones, they led Mike Jones back to that conference room adjacent to the main board room, all of them consoiling him, and then the police came in." DESCRIPTION FROM THE SCENE The shooter was taken out of the school board offices on a stretcher and appeared to be dead, according to a reporter on the scene. The reporter was told the only injured person was the gunman. A reporter has confirmed that former School Board member and district security chief Mike Jones shot the gunman. Another News Herald reporter was being held as a witness to the incident. No citizens were injured. The shooter was taken to Gulf Coast Medical Center. Although he has been reported dead, no information on his condition was officially available at 4 p.m.. ANOTHER WITNESS School Board spokeswoman Karen Tucker was standing outside the board room taking a phone call when people came running out of the room. "I'm fine, a little shaken, but I'm fine," she told a reporter. She said the man "was a large guy" she had seen sitting in the back of the boardroom earlier. She heard him say something about "firing his wife." "Bill (Husfelt, superintendent) was trying to get him to let the other board members go," Tucker said. She left that area and went to the information office and got them to call security chief and former School Board member Mike Jones,"who came running down and into the board room and then there were shots fired," she said. "Thank God he was here," Tucker said. "I heard the gunshots. It scared me to death. ... I thought he had hurt one of our people." OTHER REPORTS A video broadcast by WJHG News Channel 7 shows a man near a door painting a "V" on the wall in red spraypaint, then circling it in spraypaint. Reporter Nadeen Yanes told her TV station that he then pulled a handgun and started talking, according to The Asscoiated Press. School Board member Ginger Littleton struck the gunman with her purse and he pushed her to the ground and started firing randomly. Yanes and other persons in attendance at the meeting ran outside as police entered the building. Police confirmed that a shooting occurred but initially had no further information --- end ---

SMALL CALIBER HANDGUN STORY (same news source as above but posted later, btw) UPDATED: Gunman threatens School Board, kills himself

Security chief hospitalized for observation after shooting gunman December 14, 2010 05:52:00 PM S. BRADY CALHOUN / News Herald Writer PANAMA CITY — The gunman sat at the back of the Bay District School Board meeting, waiting. As the meeting began to wrap up, Clay Duke, 56, went to the podium and said something in a mumble. Then he took out a can of red spray paint and painted a circle with a "V" inside it. The subject at the time was technology and Superintendent Bill Husfelt originally thought Duke just was not a fan of the district’s computers. Then Duke pulled out a gun. Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten described it as a small caliber handgun. “You said a pistol,” Husfelt said to Van Etten during a joint news conference shortly after the shooting. “It looked like a shotgun when it was pointed at me.” The meeting was being streamed live over the district’s website and members of the public along with employees who were in the building watched the events unfold before them. Local television reporters were able to turn their cameras on and capture the horrific scene. News Herald reporter Daniel Carson was also inside for a time and then able to observe what happened while standing just outside the room. (Editor's note: Carson's first-person account will be posted soon.) Duke told the people at the meeting that they could leave. He only wanted the male board members to stay. School Board Member Ginger Littleton crept up behind him and hit him with her purse, and he struck her, knocking her to the ground. Eventually, Littleton left the room with almost everyone else. She was not seriously hurt in the incident. After most people had fled for their own safety, one man entered the room: Mike Jones, chief of safety, security and police for Bay District Schools. Jones’ office is in the building. Duke talked about how his wife had been fired by the school system. But Husfelt and the members of the board told Duke they did not remember his wife or why she had been fired. Board member Jerry Register promised to get her a job. Ultimately, Husfelt tried to bargain with Duke to let the other board members go, pointing out that he was the one who signed the termination papers. “Let them go. I’m the one that did it,” Husfelt said. “I don’t want anybody to get hurt.” A witness nearby, who was standing outside during the shooting, said Husfelt also talked about his wife and children. But Duke raised his gun and pointed it at Husfelt. “Please don’t,” Husfelt said. “Please don’t.” Then Duke fired several shots directly at Husfelt. Husfelt said later that he thought they were blanks. However, investigators on scene said there were plenty of real bullets in the gun. Deputy Chief Robert Colbert said Duke’s bullets struck the podium. Husfelt and the other board members dived for cover and Mike Jones fired at Duke, striking him several times in the torso. While Duke was on the ground, he grabbed his weapon and shot himself in the head, Colbert said. Duke was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Jones was not physically injured in the incident but he was also taken to a local hospital where he is being kept overnight for observation, officials said. In January 2000, Duke was 44 when he pleaded no contest to charges of aggravated stalking, shooting into an occupied vehicle and wearing a mask and bulletproof vest while committing an offense. Circuit Judge Dedee Costello adjudicated him guilty of the charges and sentenced him to five years in prison. After six months of stalking a former girlfriend, Duke confronted the woman outside her home on Oct. 20, 1999. He was wearing the mask and vest and holding two .22 caliber guns. He threatened to kill her, then kill several others and then himself. When the woman tried to drive away, Duke shot out a rear tire. As a condition of the plea agreement, Duke had to forfeit all the firearms seized upon his arrest. He was ordered to serve 10 years probation after his release from prison. --- end ---

DETAILS COMING IN: Gunman Disrupts School Board Meeting

12/14/10 - 02:20 PM Bay County, Fla: Monday’s Bay District School Board meeting was disrupted by a man who pulled out a gun while the meeting was in progress. The suspect has reportedly been shot, and according to the Chief of the Panama City Police Department, has died of his injuries. According to Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten, no one in the building other than the suspect was hurt. News 13’s Nadeen Yanes was covering the meeting at the time. According to her and other witnesses at the scene, the man approached the podium and said that he had a motion to make. He then reportedly pulled out a spray can of paint. He painted a circle on the wall with a capital letter “V” going through the center. He then pulled out what School Superintendent Bill Husfelt said was a large handgun. Husfelt had the gun pointed directly at him. “It was a .45 caliber gun, but it was so big it looked like a shotgun when it was pointed at me,” Husfelt said. He described the look of the man’s face. “It was almost a smile,” Husfelt said. “He had made up his mind that he was going to die today, he said several times, “I’m gonna die.” Husfelt said several shots were fired, but he wasn’t sure if they were blanks, live ammunition, or a mix of both. Police Chief John Van Etten said the gun was loaded with real bullets. According to News 13’s Nadeen Yanes, School Board member Ginger Littleton struck the gunman with her purse. The gunman then pushed her to the ground and started firing randomly in the building. Yanes said that at least 10 shots were fired. Yanes and other persons in attendance at the meeting ran outside as police entered the building. News 13 will bring you more information when it becomes available. --- end ---

EYEWITNESS: For reporter, school meeting unforgettable

December 14, 2010 06:57:00 PM DANIEL CARSON / News Herald Writer PANAMA CITY — Clay Duke guaranteed that I won’t forget the name Clay Duke for the rest of my life. He didn’t point a gun at me Tuesday. But I saw him point one at Superintendent Bill Husfelt and members of the Bay District School Board. I heard the pops of gunfire directly outside the board room. I also saw Duke dead on the floor in front of the school board’s podium. Tuesday’s meeting seemed routine for the first hour or so, with the board honoring students of the month, exceptional FCAT test-takers and area high schools’ student athletes. Fortunately, none of those students was in the room when Duke walked toward the podium, brandished a gun, cleared the room and ultimately died from a gunshot wound minutes later. Believe it or not, the board had just finished a lengthy discussion on revising a policy regarding head lice and nits, one of those mundane school topics parents and principals deal with on a regular basis. Shortly after that discussion, the 56-year-old Duke emerged from the back of the room. After the school district handed out all of its awards, Chairman Ryan Neves gave all of the students, parents, and school administrators the opportunity to leave. A lot of those people were seated in an overflow area in the staff development lab during the award presentations, but left during the brief break. Duke was also seated there, and he did not behave erratically or do anything to draw attention — up until his outburst. He walked slowly up toward the speaker’s podium, wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue jeans. I was seated in the media area of the board room, on the opposite side of the room, so it was difficult to hear what Duke was saying. He called Husfelt and the board members “assholes” and pulled out a can of red spray paint, spraying a circle with a “V” through it on the wall behind the speaker’s podium. Then I could see Duke holding up a handgun, waving it around and ordering everyone from the room except for Husfelt and the male board members. The remaining staff and public took a moment to understand what was happening, but everybody quickly dove for cover under chairs, as people shouted “get out,” “move” and ran for the exits. I went out a side door that most of the public uses to access the board room, keeping an eye on Duke and the front of the room. Standing outside, Bay Defense Alliance’s Leon Walters, teacher Diane Wishart and I took turns peeking through the cracked door to monitor the situation, as multiple people called the police. From what I could see, Duke alternated between talking to Husfelt and board member Jerry Register. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. We closed the door for a second, or it seemed like a second. Then Walters, Wishart and I heard the pops. When I re-entered the room, Mike Jones, the head of the school district’s security, was standing there with a gun drawn and Duke was dead, blood streaming from his wounds. “I thought he shot y’all,” a distraught Jones said to Husfelt and other board members standing a few feet away. Husfelt hugged Jones and repeatedly told him, “You did the right thing.” Jones walked back to the staff development lab and took a seat, as Panama City police officers entered the room and ordered everyone to the floor. We were told to go into another room and give statements, as police sealed off the board room. “I’ve never been so scared in my life,” said Register, as he, Husfelt and everyone else called their families and waited for the police. Like everyone else that was in that board room Tuesday afternoon, I’m still trying to make sense of what happened. I did not see board member Ginger Littleton swing her purse at Duke. I did see her go to the ground as I exited the board room, from what I assumed was a blow from the blunt end of Duke’s handgun. As we sat in a nearby room after the shooting, I saw Littleton and she appeared to be fine. She tried to make light of the head lice discussion with other board members. The police started separating all witnesses into different rooms to take statements, with one officer repeatedly telling us not to discuss details of the incident. A police chaplain appeared and led a prayer with board members Littleton, Neves, Steve Moss, Joe Wayne Walker and administrator John Haley. Walters came into the room after the prayer; another witness the police needed to interview. He noted this was his first school board meeting. --- end --- APPARENTLY, this Clay Duke person started a Facebook page TWO days ago... yeah right... anyway, it has the red V in the red circle as the profile picture. No friends... again, weird. FB link:!/profile.php?id=100001890028704&v=info) Here's what he wrote about himself: Born November 24, 1954 College ASU Class of 1988 (The ASU FB link goes to nothing) High School King High School, Tampa, FL (The King High School FB link goes to nothing) Class of 1972 My Testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V)… no… I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us… “There’s class warfare, all right, but its my class, the rich class that’s making war and we’re winning” - Warren Buffet Rise like lions after slumber In unvanquishable number. Shake your chains to earth like dew. Which in sleep has fallen on you. Ye are many – they are few. Want the TRUTH? => Can you handle the TRUTH?
--- end ---



Cathy Palmer said…
Was Clay Duke a Sleeper Agent?
Nathaniel said…
Well, it wasn't a cap gun. You can see the first shot hit the papers sitting on the desk. A cap gun from ten feet away can't move papers.
Cathy Palmer said…
Yes, it now is apparent that this was a real gun and it is a miracle of God that no one was shot by the shooter other than himself.
Cathy Palmer said…

The gun used is now reported as a 9mm handgun:

"Video shows Duke rising from his seat, spray-painting a red V on the wall, then waving a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun and ordering everyone to leave the room except the men on the board."
Cathy Palmer said…
Washington Post shows a bit more of the video:
Cathy Palmer said…
More on Clay Duke:
"Rebecca Duke said her husband was an excellent marksman who probably intentionally missed the five board members who were sitting just steps away. 'He didn't want any one to get hurt but himself,' she said."

"family members claimed he was in the Air Force for eight years"
Cathy Palmer said…
Video clip of Clay Duke's widow:
Anonymous said…

in this video, the security officer who shoots down clay CONFIRMS it being a cap gun. also...the frame mysteriously freezes at the crucial moment?

Also, look at footage after the police arrive. Someone is conveniently blocking the view of the body the ENTIRE time.

This "anti government" loony story is way too cookie cutter for my liking
Cathy Palmer said…
The local news is really giving this story A LOT of coverage. Here is a vid of Mike Jones, the security fellow who shot Clay Duke, telling what happened:

And yes, I also noticed the man that stood blocking the view of the body, like he was a plant. He never moved. Weird.

Haven't viewed the vid you posted yet...

Thanks for the comment!
Cathy Palmer said…
Just watched the video and at 2:38 Bill Husfelt says to Mike Jones, "Mike, they're not real I don't think. I think it's... He had caps, Mike."

Mike is the security guard who shot Duke.
Bill is the board member who Duke aimed and fired at but missed or ??
Anonymous said…
hi cathy
did you see the slavish CBS report [ complete with computer generated re-enactment ] ?
mike jones appeared tearful a couple of times during the interview
i thought his remark about worrying what his local church would think of him interesting
it would have been far better for him to say he was worried what the lord JESUS thought of his actions
still troubleed by the so- called suicide action of mr duke [ nothing on camera or extra gun shot sound ]
did mike jones kill him ?
guess we'll never know the truth
Anonymous said…
hi cathy it's me again. i posted the link regarding bill saying it's a "cap gun". you're right, i misquoted. it's actually bill saying to mike they're caps.

i want to know WHY that video freezes at the crucial moment. and why the aspect ratio of the footage has half the picture blocked out.

if u simply listen to the audio, there are over a dozen shots fired! in the original video we see Clay accountable for about 5 shots before he falls to the ground and it cuts out. there are about 6 shots unnaccounted for...

i don't want to uphold the stigma of a stereotypical paranoid conspiracy theorist, but is it me or does Clay seem too calm and too disorientated during the entire thing? like he wasn't himself or didn't want to go through with it?
Anonymous said…
let me guess the repercussions of this...

- more gun control and confiscation
- more hatred towards "anti establishment" people
- more body scanners in schools

Anonymous said…

this is the 9/11 call from a lady within the school who was trapped in the video room watching the entire incident. this is the true source of the video.

she TOO reports...that the video cuts out at the crucial moment of the suicide.

so was the video intentionally edited to take out the suicide shot? or was there a convenient cut out of the stream?

why do some sources of the footage claim they saw the suicide shot but "edited it out"? this is way too fishy
Cathy Palmer said…
I'd like to see all the bullet holes inside the board room for myself.

And in this type of suicide, wouldn't there be blood and brain matter all over the place? Do we see any blood? That CIA agent... I mean, that man with his hands on his hips is blocking most of the view the whole time and does not move. Even the police when they rush in, no one goes up to see if the shooter is alive and maybe needs first aid.

It may be real but it all looks VERY contrived to me... like theater.
Anonymous said…
yes, i showed it to several friends with no bias, who hadn't heard of the incident.

the FIRST thing they all notice and say is..."that isn't real"

this looks scripted. the men are all too calm...clay's dialogue almost seems like B grade acting. there's just an eerie air of fakeness to the entire thing.

even during the aftermath, everyone is simply standing around. the alleged "SWAT" team do a terrible job of clearing the area...the police look amateur and awkward
Anonymous said…

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