Two Faces of Freemasonry by John Daniel (2007)

Scarlet and the Beast - Two Faces of Freemasonry (John Daniel, 2007)


Anonymous said…
I would like to profess, as one who surrenders to Islam, the shriners are no more Muslim, then the rest of the masons are Christian. Christianity according to the bible is a good religion. As is Islam according to the Holy Koran. The enemy has infiltrated all our good religion and defiles them all equally. He treats Islam in the same way as he treats Christ. His rites are satanic in the guise of what unbelievers would see as belief. Now is not the time for believers to fight amongst ourselves, but to join hands, raise arms, fight our enemy, and await the return of our LORD, the self perpetuate and immaculate. The lord has no eyes but sees all. If you have read the bible, please read the Koran as well. You have nothing to loose from doing so.
- A Soldier in a good army
Anonymous said…
To clarify...."I do hereby,upon the Bible, and on the mysterious legend of the Koran." The Koran itself claims no such thing, rather it tells us quite explicitly that our LORD has no secrets, those that do have secrets are liars and make lies of our LORD, and the Holy Koran was written in plain and common tongue so as not to be misinterpreted, or thought of as hidden or mysterious. To say such a thing is blasphemy. Peace upon all you who believe.
-Your Soldier