Scarlet and the Beast by John Daniel (2007)

Mason is short for Freemason. Freemason is short for free and accepted Mason, a name acquired as a result of Freemasonry's successful fight for political and religious freedoms. To conceal Freemasonry's involvement in fomenting revolutions, secular history refers to Freemasons as freemen. Freemasonry is not Christianity but a universal religion of salvation by works without Christ. In Freemasonry, Solomon's Temple secretly represents the Tower of Babel, thus, Freemasonry is both anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. The book includes a discussion of the bitter conflict between English (pantheistic) Freemasonry and French (atheistic) Freemasonry, sub-Masonic lodges for both male and female membership and degrees of initiation and knowledge. Other topics include Masonry and conspiracy; Masonic propaganda and how Christians are deceived.

Scarlet and the Beast 01 - The Conflict Priory of Sion vs Knights Templar



"The adversary of Almighty God is manipulating events to bring about his long-desired universal government of Antichrist. His fight for world dominion began at Eden, where he whispered his plans to Adam and Eve. Within two millenniums Satan had captured all but eight of the Human race - Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives. God stopped Satan's attempt toward globalism with a universal flood. After the Great Flood, Satan tried at Babylon to reestablish globalism, but God stopped him again. Satan then took his conspiracy underground. It became known as Mystery Babylon. The adversary's clandestine plan is still being directed from behind the lodge doors of mystery religions today, the most powerful of which is Freemasonry. Here we can find the Babylonian plans to inaugurate a godless one world government. Freemasonry plans a Universal Empire, the same spoken of by the prophets Daniel and John. We will reveal their plans in this book."


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