Richard Holbrooke 1941-2010

"The American and British populations are comfortably cushioned from reality by the controlled media which censors news and images of the horrendous humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen the Iraqi people as a result of the Anglo-American war of aggression against the oil-rich nation, a military crusade now in its 20th year."

"(The recent Dutch judicial report from The Hague on the legal questions surrounding the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003 indicates that the war in Iraq can be legally defined as a 'War of Aggression', which is a '"Crime Against the Peace' under the Nuremberg Charter.)"

From [2010 Jan 20] Two Decades of Genocide in Iraq by Christopher Bollyn

Why have the wars in the Middle East continued and increased under President Obama?  One year ago, Obama appointed Richard Holbrooke, Henry Kissinger's right-hand man and partner-in-crime, to run the "War on Terror" as his envoy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The killing of innocent civilians has increased greatly under Holbrooke.  Kissinger is a key player in the Zionist shadow government behind the Obama administration.  Note the expression on Obama's face.

Kissinger and Holbrooke gave "The Kissinger Prize" to George H.W. Bush at the American Academy in Berlin, which they run together.  The elder Bush started the war in Iraq in 1991 and was the first president to use the expression "New World Order."



  1. well cathy we know why
    '' for they are in the spirit of this world ''
    and this world is ruled by satan
    the spirit being the love of money and power over people
    do not become heated at the evil doer for soon he will no longer be in the earth
    you will look around in amazement to find him nowhere to be seen
    forgot the chapter and verse
    i'm sure you 'll clarify it for me sister
    hope all is well with you
    btw 3 hip hop sites closed down by DHA citing copyright infringement
    done without warning or legal procedure
    get ready for '' consumer only '' internet 2 or GRID
    tried approaching GREENPEACE over chemtrails and got patronising reply that they would NOT be investigating but to enjoy the online debating forums
    now we know who they serve


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