by Phill Courtney

T'was just days before Christmas, and all through the land,
Most American Christians are silent--they won't take a stand.
Yes, they said the "Prince of Peace" was the one that they'd follow,
But when it came to the war, all their claims just rang hollow.

You, see, the war was now headed for its tenth terrible year,
While the Christians were headed for a strip mall that's near.
To load up on "goodies," and junk no one actually needs,
While soldiers are dying, and another wounded child bleeds.

Yes, they all listened to what their pastors were preaching,
But ignored their savior's message, and all He was teaching.
While He called for "Peace on Earth, and good will towards men,"
His followers marked His birth by fighting wars they can't "win."

Instead, they placed faith in drone bombers to kill "evil ones,"
And those that escape can be tracked down and gotten with guns.
And all the women and children, and men too who get in the way,
Are only "collateral damage"---simply war's price that we pay.

Yes, t'was just days before Christmas, but Jesus would weep,
To see supposed followers at war, while they sow what they reap.
Once again they have denied Him the one gift that He craves:
To follow his lessons instead of filling more graves.

(copyright 2010 Phill Courtney)


Anonymous said…
this should be posted on you tube and made to go viral
maybe a few '' christians '' will come to thier senses and repent by keeping the sabbath holy this saturday