Roman Catholics Are Not Christians

And the Roman Catholic institution is not a Christian Church. Roman Catholics who die in that faith do not go to purgatory nor to heaven but to hell because their faith is in their own system rather than in Christ and His shed blood to wash away their sins.

Alberto Rivera was a Jesuit priest. When his mother died while he was still very young, he made up his mind that by becoming a priest he would learn the truth about God, and be able to bring that to others. If you are a Catholic, or have Catholic friends or loved ones, this story is for you.

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
Revelation 18:4

December 23, 2010 UPDATE

Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

As soon as Alberto Rivera went public with his testimony, the Roman Catholic Church began its damage-control operation. Alberto knew too much! Having been prepared for leadership in the Jesuit order, he had been briefed on things too sensitive to put in writing. Now he was telling the world!

Alberto was immediately denounced as having never been a priest, even though he possessed clear documentation. Christianity Today printed an article written by Gary Metz, attacking Alberto and accusing him of all sorts of things. Alberto refused to spend his life arguing with his accusers. Instead, he just pushed on, preaching the gospel, and trusting God to defend him.

The Lord raised up other Christians who examined the charges against Alberto, and found him to be exactly what he claimed to be. Below is an abundance of evidence. Read it for yourself.

Photos and ID papers:
See the photo ID card that the Spanish authorities issued to Alberto as a young priest.

Photos of Dr. Rivera as a young priest when he was the Director of the Parish School in San Lorenzo, Tarrasa, Spain.

Photos taken at various meetings where he preached the gospel, after being saved and leaving Catholicism.

View the letter he received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala giving him permission to travel in foreign countries in the service of the pope. See the original, in Spanish and an English translation of the letter.

Statements of other Christians
From other former Catholics who, after meeting him, recognized immediately that he was who he said he was.

Read a letter to Christianity Today, in which author James Houston provides many pages of historical evidence that support the claims of Alberto Rivera. It makes interesting reading, and will help you see that Alberto was truly genuine. It won't be hard to see why Christianity Today never dared print it.

Read a short online book, "Is Alberto For Real?" written by Sidney Hunter. He answers the charges against Alberto one by one.

Read what Jack Chick had to say about the accusations against Alberto, and why he knew he had to publish Alberto's story, even though he knew the attacks that would come. This is a real eye-opener!

Once he was freed from the oath of celibacy imposed on Roman Catholic priests, Alberto started a ministry, the "Anti-Christ Information Center," dedicated to promoting the truth about the false christ in the Vatican. He then married his wife, Nury, and fathered a son, Alberto Jr. Since Alberto went to be with the Lord on June 20, 1997, Nury has continued the ministry of A.I.C.

In this personal message, Jack Chick promises to keep Alberto's message alive, and shares an example of what many Catholics say after reading this testimony.

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Statements From Other Former Catholics

We got mad, then got saved.
"My husband and I read ALBERTO & DOUBLE-CROSS, and after a week of ranting and raving, we got saved." — IL

"The bottom dropped out from under me"
"I joined a Catholic church and started catechism classes and was baptized. I read DOUBLE-CROSS and the bottom dropped out from under me. I got more of your comics and compared them with the Bible and discovered your comics were right and I was wrong. I accepted the Lord and left the Catholic church. Without the comics I would still be a devoted Catholic and going to hell." — KY

My research showed it's true. Thank you!
"My wife and I were both Roman Catholics our entire lives. A Christian friend gave us a copy of ALBERTO. I got so mad because this magazine told all those lies. Then I started researching the things it said and I found them to be true! What a shock to my wife and I. We both starting reading the Bible to find out more and by God's grace we were both saved and gave our lives to the Lord. We both want to thank you for leading us to the Lord. We came out of Babylon. Praise the Lord!" — NY

They made me read the Bible!
"I never would have begun reading the Bible and learning the truth if it was not for your tracts and comics. I am an ex-Catholic…Thank you sincerely."

Raised a Catholic, I've now found the truth!
"I found (ALBERTO) most interesting to read. I was raised up in a Catholic school and church. Thanks to God's grace now I have found the truth, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." — FL

Turned away from idols.
"If it was not for the stories of ALBERTO or learning more of the bible, I would still be excited about going to see images that are not from God." — TX

Burdens lifted
"A fellow shared a book titled ALBERTO with me. Mere words cannot express the burden that was lifted off my shoulders as the knowledge of the book convicted my soul." — NY

Now I know the truth!
"I was a Catholic for 19 years… I read THE BIG BETRAYAL and ALBERTO part 1-6. I now know the truth about Catholicism and I have you to thank."

"ALBERTO and your other publications contributed immensely to breaking off the shackles imposed on my soul by Catholicism and introducing me the joy and freedom found in Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation." — NC

My friend got saved after reading these.
"Hi. I just wrote to say that you guys are serving God in a really wonderful way. I've given tracts to kids and the teachers at my high school and they love them. Although the ALBERTO SERIES did upset my once Catholic friend-couple years ago, now she's saved. Thanks for your comics. They taught me the truth about Catholicism so that I could relate and talk to my friend better. Now she's helping spread God's word in our school." — Internet

Catholic saved on death bed after reading Alberto.
"When I had some friends over, I showed them my Chick comics. They were interested in them and asked if they could take them home. I agreed and they did. Then the ABLERTO comics were returned, my friends told us what had happened. They had shown the comics to their grandfather, a devout Roman Catholic. He was dying. When he read them, he got saved. He also told his relatives to read the comic books also. Praise the Lord!" — Internet


Rabbi Tav said…
Good post. I've been exposed to the Alberto series since my teen years in the 80's.

Revelation 17/18 provides great insight into the Roman Catholic Church and how it is anything but pleasing to God. Even though this organisation seeks to be the domineering power on earth and forms a coalition with politicians to create world government, with it's 10 Regions (Rev.17.12), scripture shows us that the politicians under antichrist turn against the Roman Catholic Church and destroy it: Rev.17.16-18 as God planned (17.17).

Many Catholics would be led to believe that the woman in Revelation 12, with the twelve stars above her head, is Mary just as the E.U. flag has 12 stars and there are statues to that effect of Mary (see: Brussels). This is a complete falsehood for the woman with 12 stars above her head and the sun and moon at her feet is Israel, Chapter 12 of Revelation being addressed to Israel.

The proof of this is in Genesis 37.9 whereby Joseph (with the coat of many colors) has a dream with the sun and moon at his feet and 11 stars. That is because he is the 12th star, as Jacob had 12 sons, this being the first family of Israel.

What else is interesting is that the Roman Catholic Church is called THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. That is because as the supreme organised and false religion, those who broke away in Protestantism, again formed organised religions which, being organised, have themselves become harlots.

Yes Evangelical Churches can no longer take the high ground. Each individual has to recognise he and she is the temple and take responsibility for such, forget organisations with all their ploitics and infultration before we even consider MK Ultra.

The new temple is in the heart of the individual and it is with the individual whom God seeks to do business, not organised religion.

This is why the likes of Billy Graham is a shill, Cliff Richard is a shill as I read tonight promoting homosexual marriage. Sorry Cliff but marriage is between a man and a woman as instituted by God. Adultery and sodomy fall short of His standards and while they are as you rightly say, for Him to judge and not us, we are required to recognise such shortcomings for what they are, shortcomings and not something to be embraced by the church.

One has to ask why the likes of Cliff Richard considers Tony Blair a personal friend, a man with the blood of perhaps 1.5 million innocent men women and children on his hands, blood which will not wash away with his cofession to his new priesthood in Rome but never mind, the power and $$$'s must surely be, shall we say, hedonistic?

One thing is for sure, we all have two appointments to keep: Death and our judgement before Him.

Seek and yea shall find.
Cathy Palmer said…
Thanks for the comment!!