The Horror of Human Trafficking - Part 3

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Johnny Gosch 1982

"On Sept. 5th, 1982, nearly twenty five years ago, someone kidnapped my twelve year old son, Johnny. I have spent all of these years searching, working three jobs in order to continue this investigation and learn the truth. Recently, there has been a great deal of activity on my son's case. I have also received hundreds of photos of children, some are Johnny and many other children all bound/gagged. The collection of photos also include a number of men who are the "perps". I have placed these photos in the hands of the proper authorities for their handling. I do want to thank the people who have shared information with me, it has been very helpful. The Human Trafficking situation in our country/world is very much alive and well. It is a multi billion dollar business and growing annually. These people think they have the right to take someone's child to use sexually and make money. It is out of control !!!!"

Noreen Gosch
June 12, 2007

A Reader's Comment from

"I live within 8 miles of where Johnny was Kidnapped. For over 18 years I have followed this story and could not understand why Law Enforcement Agencies (Local, State and Federal), and even the Newspaper (Johnny was delivering at the time he was kidnapped) would turn their back's on Noreen's request for help. I can only say as a parent how thankful I am that Noreen continued her fight to find Johnny and protect not only the local children but children all over the Country and didn't cave in under the pressure. The book answers all the questions that so may of us have been asking all this time. Although it's unbelievable that this could happen in America there is actual documentation for numerous sources proving what happened and that it's still going on. I don't know where our Society went wrong, but I'm extremely grateful to have people like Noreen who have sacrificed so much but still have the determination and spirit to try and make a difference. I only pray that some day there will be closure and Johnny does come home."

July 17, 2008 UPDATE
Received this email from Noreen today and below is my response to her:


Thank you for posting your site and the info about the Franklin Case.

If you would ever like information about the Johnny Gosch Kidnapping, please let me know. My son's kidnapping is connected with Franklin.

I have a website if you would like to look at it:

thank you

Noreen Gosch
(Johnny's Mom)

--- end ---

My reply:

Hello Noreen,
Thank you so much for writing! Bless your heart, Noreen... the torture and pain you continue to go through is horrific and as a mother and grandmother, I am overwhelmed with remorse for you and all the families who have missing children.

I watched the videos of the one man who walked around the city talking to you about his past and the negligence of he police authorities. His passion and concern prompted me to post what I did. Both he and you and very courageous people. Sadly, I believe there is corruption at most every level and these underground activities are going on in all cities across the globe.

As a Christian, my hope comes from the Lord Jesus Christ and from the Scriptures. The world is a mess in so many ways but we continue to press on, praying for souls to be saved as we share Gospel. Even though it looks glim as we peel this painful onion of the underworld, there is Light at the end of the tunnel when we put our trust in God.

I pray for your son to find freedom in every sense of the word and that the Prince of peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, bring you comfort and hope in spite of how things may look in the natural. Is anything too difficult for the Lord?

Your story has brought A LOT of visibility to the problem which most news sources avoid. If there is anything more I can do to help, please let me know. I will post your email as an update here:

blessings & love to you,

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