World News Updates

Tuesday July 15, 08

Global Kids Commences 4th Annual U.S. in the World Initiative At the Council On Foreign Relations - Summer Institute Brings Minority Public High School Students Together With Leading Foreign Affairs Experts and Policymakers
Global Kids, Inc., in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is commencing the fourth annual U.S. in the World Summer Initiative for New York City public high school students.

Iran blames West for 'artificially' raising oil prices, says war threat is a 'joke'
Iran's president again took aim at the West, blaming the U.S. and Europe for "artificially" raising oil prices and dismissing as "a funny joke" fears that his country could come under attack.

Heckle that symbolises Church split
As a protester stood up to barrack the Right Reverend Gene Robinson, the world's first openly gay Anglican Bishop, the congregation did not abuse or strong-arm him.

Overstating Our Fears
Sen. John McCain has repeatedly characterized the threat of "radical Islamic extremism" as "the absolute gravest threat . . . that we're in against." Before we simply accept this, we need to examine the nature of the terrorist threat facing our country. If we do so, we will see how we have allowed the specter of that threat to distort our lives and take our treasure.

Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway
An Oklahoma church canceled a controversial gun giveaway for teenagers at a weekend youth conference.

Secret chamber may solve Mexican pyramid mystery
Archaeologists are to open a long-sealed cave under a Mexican pyramid in the hope that it will unlock the mystery of one of ancient civilisation's greatest cities.

Interfaith Conference Organized by Group With Terror Links
An international interfaith conference taking place in Madrid next week is being hosted by a Saudi charity that is affiliated with organizations blacklisted by the U.S. government for bankrolling al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups.

Oprah’s unorthodox gospel comes under scrutiny
Oprah Winfrey has become a catalyst for a new journalistic project and increasing news coverage by conservative Christians questioning and criticizing her spiritual beliefs.

43 nations creating Mediterranean union
French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged the disparate and conflicted countries around the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday to make peace as European rivals did in the 20th century as he launched an unprecedented Union for the Mediterranean.

Bonekickers - Fan Site for BBC One’s new archaeology drama.
The team find 18th Century bones in the Bristol Channel. Presidential candidate Senator Joy arrives in England to unlock a secret from his family's past, and soon everyone's life is in danger.

TV drama portrays Muslim being beheaded by Christian
A new television drama, debuting earlier this week, is drawing complaints from viewers and critics over its portrayal of Christians as extremists who take their inspiration from the Crusades and behead a moderate Muslim in an unprovoked attack.

Man sues TN church over spirit-induced fall
A Tennessee man says he was so consumed by the spirit of God that he fell and hit his head while worshipping. Now he wants the Lakewind Church of Knoxville to pay $2.5 million for his medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering.

Church could appoint Britain's first gay bishop, says Archbishop of Wales
A senior church leader says he would be willing to consecrate Britain’s first openly gay bishop, despite fears that such a move would further split the Anglican communion.

Gay Man Files $60M Suit Against Zondervan Over 'Homosexual' Verses
A homosexual man has filed a $70 million lawsuit against Bible publishers Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, alleging that their version of the Bible that refers to homosexuality as a sin violates his constitutional rights and has caused him emotional distress.

Bohemian Club convenes tonight in Monte Rio
The super-secret Bohemian Club and its all-male entourage meets each summer in the 2,700-acre Monte Rio grove for what they describe as fellowship and good-natured high jinks -- a break from the grueling grind of leadership.

Kelly -They also eat baby body parts, I wonder it they are going to take that off the menu, hmmmm
Beijing takes dog off the menu for Olympics
Beijing has asked hotels and restaurants in the city to take dog meat off the menu for the duration of next month's Olympics and September's Paralympics.

Unhappily Ever After
Remember when children's books frolicked through tales of ponies and princes? The latest kid-lit craze is stories about living through the apocalypse—now.

Florida event causes rift in charismatic community
Todd Bentley believes God acts through him to cure cancer, heal the deaf and raise the dead.