Was Brownsville Biblical?

November 29, 2008 UPDATE

In the late 1990's while living in Georgia, a friend told me about a church she visited in Florida, saying it was life changing. I along with different friends over the next couple of years, began to visit the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola. Then at the end of 1999, I quit my job, moved to Pensacola, Florida, and attended the Brownsville School of Ministry. I loved it and even though there were things with which I didn't agree, I stayed with it. After the first year, there was a problem and the school president was fired. From this event, came a new school, FIRE School of Ministry, where I finished my 2nd year and from which I graduated in 2002. Then I became a missionary with FIRE International and moved to Berlin, Germany, where I lived and served the Lord 3 years.

It was shortly after the Catholic pope died and I saw a photo of President Bush at the funeral with his father and former President Clinton. It struck me odd that this supposed Christian president was kneeling before this dead pope. Also, I wondered why was Bush not renouncing his involvement in the secret Yale fraturnity, Skull and Bones, if he was a Christian? Then I began reading of other Christians who said the pope was saved and went to heaven. This really confused me, so I began to research this and the more I read, the more I saw problems with different 'Christian' leaders I previously followed, including Rick Joyner who had become a Knight of Malta which submits to the Catholic church and is connected to Freemasonry and Billy Graham , a Freemason, who also said the pope went to heaven.

So I brought all these troubling discoveries to the leadership of FIRE International and FIRE Church only to be told not to worry about any of it! They saw no problem with my concerns and rebuke me. Stunned by this response, I began to read and research more - was I off base? What was the TRUTH?? But the more I searched, the MORE deception and lies I uncovered which pretty put me in a state of shock. This included coverup events for September 11, 2001. It wasn't long before I withdrew from FIRE International and returned to the USA in 2005.

Now, 3 years later, I realize I was deceived and was following false teachings which included being slain in the spirit and speaking in babbling tongues (not the real gift of tongues as spoken of in the Bible). I am now back in the King James Bible as I believe the modern versions are corrupt. I'd like to find a good church but until then am meeting a couple times a week in the home of friends for prayer, fellowship and reading the Scriptures. My continued prayer is that the Truth be revealed, the lies be exposed, the deceived wakeup, the sinner repent, the lost get saved and the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified. To hear a bit more of my story, please go to my youtube channel.

Notice in this Brownsville poster from 2000 what pops out of the advertisement: a satanic upside-down cross with a sword that is piercing the Bible. In satanic circles, the upside-down cross symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus Christ. Satanists wear necklaces with upside-down crosses.

October 20, 2008 UPDATE
Listen to interview with Sandy Simonds (website)
The New Apostolic Reformation - What is it and where is it going?
9/5/2008 2:30:00 PM
"Great deception is afoot in the churches today, happening right before our very eyes. In fact, it may have already come to your church. False doctrines, a different gospel, and even doctrines of demons have been introduced into many churches via books, music, videos, teachers and movements that claim to be of God. Sandy Simpson of Apologetics Coordination Team will be our guest and will be discussing his book of the same name and other issues effecting the church today."

Steve Hill
Head evangelist at Brownsville Assembly Of God Church in Pensacola, ... (Stephen Hill, The God Mockers, chapter 1, 1997 with comment by Sandy Simpson) ...www.cephasministry.com/steve_hill.html

The Wandering River of Brownsville
In Christ, Sandy Simpson, missionary; - http://www.pfo.org/wan-rivr.htm ... The leadership of the Brownsville Assembly of God church, during the past ...www.cephasministry.com/brownsville.html

Brownsville false revival
All these stories and more can be accessed here > Brownsville Revival – The Money and the Myths. Many thanks to Sandy Simpson of Deception in The Church who ...www.apostasywatch.com/delusion/home.html



Bryan Purtle said…
I think your question, "Was Brownsville Biblical?" is an unrealistic inquiry. It depends on what one means by "biblical." If you're looking for a church that models the NT expressions of church life, you cannot find that clean-cut of a box in the NT. There are variations. If you're looking for a biblical definition of "revival", there's not one.

Were there genuine NT type things occurring? Repentance? Salvation? Worship? Healings? Humility breaking into the hearts of Pastors? YES!

Were there things that could've been considered out of order, or immature, or incomplete? YES!

Is any church, ministry or movement representing the fullness of Christ yet? I've yet to find one. I think the question you've asked is too open ended. More appropriate would be something like this:

Was there anything positive the God did during the "Brownsville Revival"? If so, let me see it and ask the Lord to do it again in the Church.

Was there anything that was distorted, unhealthy, or unprofitable for the Church that happened at Brownsville? If so, let me learn from it that I might not fall into the same trap in the future.

Anonymous said…
Are you still in Georgia? Are you looking for a church? What part of Georgia?
Cathy said…
Currently living in northern California about 1 hr north of San Francisco in Sonoma and am currently fellowshipping with friends in a home a couple of times a week.