Todd Bentley Praises Kenneth Hagin

The video clip below shows Bentley praising Kenneth Hagin. No surprise here as Hagin was a false prophet too. So when I tried to post a comment and was blocked, I decided to post it here:

"Kenneth Hagin was a Word of Faith preacher. He claimed to be a prophet called by God Himself. Kenneth believed in the following beliefs: Christians are little gods. Jesus didn't pay for our sins on the cross and he had to finish the job of atonement in hell. If Christians are not healthy and wealthy it is because of their lack of faith or knowledge. Christians have control over their lives by the words that they speak. If they speak sickness and poverty they will be sick and broke. Therefore, if a Christian speaks blessings and healing they will be healthy and have wealth." (more)

Bentley praises Hagin


Watch Hagin in action along with Kenneth Copeland