The Horror of Human Trafficking - Part 4

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The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. Decamp

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1. "I live in Omaha. I married a man who graduated from boystown. I know two of his friends from boystown, one who worked in the media and the other worked at franklin credit union. All 3 attended the parties. All 3 were coke addicts. All three witnessed child abuse. All 3 kept their mouths shut. My husband told me the truth but realized there was nothing he could do. Who was going to listen to a cokehead? I know it's the truth. Call us crazy when the corruption gets so bad that it affects YOU."

2. "I met former state senator John DeCamp a few months ago at the Olde Main Street Inn in Chadron, Nebraska. We traded books. Actually he bought both of mine, and then a few weeks later he sent me a copy of his, gratis. Despite being impressed by the man, I immediately discounted his self-published book as another conspiracy account with Satanism and the CIA. But as I read it rang true. I began to corroborate (check out the banned documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, the Gunderson Report, and Noreen Gosch's "Why Johnny Can't Come Home"). I have no doubt that the vast majority, if not all of this revelation is true. Why would DeCamp sacrifice a comfortable and affluent existence (private law firm, lobbyist) and risk the well-being and safety of his family to expose this? A very disturbing account, especially the media's role in discrediting victims' testimony and the many "accidental deaths" surrounding the investigations. The press has the only existing power to counter governmental malfeasance, and their failure in this is glaring. I'm glad now that Amazon demands real names on reviews because I see a number of glossy discredits without names. More of the cover-up people undoubtedly trying to keep their sorry carcasses out of jail. Get the newest edition, if you can, because it contains updates and also interesting insights into some of the recent militia problems and the Oklahoma City bombing. If we can't keep our governmental bodies to some degree accountable, we all lose. The tree of liberty is nourished with the blood of tyrants. I strongly recommend this book and I hope that eventually someone besides these children who were ruined will come forward and justice will be served."

3. "I happened upon this book by accident. this book will make you sick, it will make you cry, and it will make you madder than you have ever been. This is a book every American should read. The United States that we all love and would die to defend is in serious trouble, after reading this book, then you will be ready to start reading David Icke's books, BUT not before, Mr. Icke's books are to far out there for most people, but if you start with this book, written by a former US Senator and learn what he uncovered, then proceed to Icke. Our freedom is not what we think it is. Please read this book, there will be a time in the future that you will need to remember it."

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Conspiracy of Silence