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Tuesday July 22, 2008

Mystery of 'vaccinated' chickens dying of bird flu
Chickens that are vaccinated against bird flu are supposed to be immune to the disease. But hundreds of chickens at a poultry farm in southern Vietnam have died of avian influenza - even though the farm owner had earlier reported that the birds were vaccinated against the disease, an official said yesterday.

'100 months to save the planet' A "Green New Deal" is needed to solve current problems of climate change, energy and finance, a report argues. According to the Green New Deal Group, humanity only has 100 months to prevent dangerous global warming.

Sex, blood and baby names: U.S. mad for free gas
Some U.S. motorists sick of getting clobbered at the pump seem willing to do just about anything for free fuel, from giving up the right to name their children to stealing from day-care centers to donating blood.

Dobson Shifts Positions, May Endorse McCain
Evangelical Leader Dobson Shifts Positions, May Endorse McCain Despite Misgivings Conservative Christian leader James Dobson has softened his stance against Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, saying he could reverse his position and endorse the Arizona senator despite serious misgivings.

Clinton vows to fight "insulting" abortion plan
A Bush administration plan to define several widely used contraception methods as abortion is a "gratuitous, unnecessary insult" to women and faces tough opposition, Sen. Hillary Clinton said on Friday.

Reporter Arrested For Trying To Crash Bohemian Grove
Vanity Fair writer Alex Shoumatoff got himself arrested for crashing Bohemian Grove, a private men’s club in northern California for the upper echelon of the rich and powerful. He was there to spy on the three-week camp they hold every July, where said rich and powerful relax while living in tents in their private woods. (Nixon was a member, but called it "most faggy goddamn thing that you would ever imagine.") The backstory on the weird club, plus the reason for the trespassing and arrest?

Document forensics expert: Obama "birth certificate" a "horrible forgery"
Barack Obama may be on a world tour surrounded by a fawning media, but Sunday an expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed report on the purported birth certificate -- actually a "Certification of Live Birth" or COLB -- claimed as genuine by his campaign. The expert concludes with 100% certainty that it is a crudely forged fake: "a horribly forgery," according to the analysis published on the popular right-wing Atlas Shrugs blog.

Calling on Gospel to Call Off Debt
Following the advice of their pastor, the men and women shuffled to the altar, cut up their credit cards and placed them near his feet.

US torture claims are unreliable: British lawmakers
The British government should no longer accept US assurances that it does not use torture, a parliamentary oversight committee said on Sunday in a wide-ranging report looking at London’s human rights policy.

Rev. Moon hurt in copter crash, officials say
A helicopter carrying the Rev. Sun Myung Moon crashed into a mountainside Saturday as it attempted an emergency landing, injuring the founder of the Unification Church and 15 others, officials said.

Pope apologizes for clergy sexual abuse in Australia
Pope Benedict XVI apologized Saturday for the sexual abuse of children by Australia's Roman Catholic clergy, keeping up efforts begun in the United States to publicly atone for what he called evil acts by priests.

Catholic Charities staffer won't be charged in child's abortion
A Catholic Charities staffer in Virginia who signed a consent form allowing a 16-year-old Guatemalan foster child to get an abortion won't face prosecution.

Pentecostal minister plays key role in Democrat election strategy
The request befuddled Leah Daughtry. The experienced political hand in charge of planning next month's Democratic National Convention - a self-described "black chick from Brooklyn" and ordained Pentecostal minister who keeps a Bible in her purse - didn't know what to tell the atheists.