Todd Bentley on Nightline

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william said…
Todd is about Todd He seeks the glory and sadly he has forgotten that the body of Christ is about others like Steven Strader who invited him to speak poor old stephen has been cast to the casting chair.
Todd craves the attention that he hopes to get from the media he hopes to get to be like Bennie Himm etc Todd was told to straiten up on staige but for him it is impossable as his past always comes through ie links with Paul Cain Bob,etc all dangerous people I could go into it in dept but not here. please keep away
Tony said…
What a pathetic program, typical media..asking a lady who runs a picture framing business ..come on
Todds past is known to all, so whats new..
This ministry is helping many people.
There will always be digruntled ministers and others who see themselves as Gods appointed judges.
I have never seen trash like this,
New Zealand TV is bad but not this bad
Anonymous said…
i hope todd isnt afraid to ask for money. since he is using it to build orphanages.
you say todd seeking all the glory?? thats odd because everytime i watch he is giving jesus the glory, he has also mentioned several times to not look at todd bentley(him) or any other man and that they need to look at God.
now that todd has had other people fill in for him, why does the revival continue without him? i suppose now the fill in speakers will be talked about next.
we need to judge him by his fruit. he is open about his personal testimony. and for those religious people who judge "shame on you" how about pray for him if you think he is lost!! you'd better get judging your own fruit before judging others.
and last being the religous are so set in their ways they wont even know Gods voice, they only know there own politics (pharisees). when the spirit of God is not allowed in church, they will call it religion....