Where Will Todd Go Next?

According to Todd Bentley's itinerary, he will be in Louisville, Kentucky, July 17, 2008, at the Evangel World Prayer Center for a 'One Night Impartation Service', whatever that means. Sure wouldn't want him to impart his demons on me! I highly recommend all to stay away from Todd the fraud and his hocus pocus 'BAM!' witchcraft. Someone is even selling a ticket to the event on ebay!

Anyway, thought the following news article was interesting considering the church being sued is the same Evangel World Prayer Center:

Youth group sues Louisville's Evangel World Prayer Center

Suit alleges carbon monoxide poisoning

By Peter Smith • psmith@courier-journal.com • July 10, 2008


Four adults and 22 children are suing Evangel World Prayer Center, one of Louisville's largest churches, alleging they were sickened by carbon monoxide two years ago while riding a bus rented from the congregation.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Jefferson Circuit Court, just days before the two-year anniversary of the July 9, 2006, incident.

Passengers on the bus, which included members of The Village of Louisville youth track club and adult chaperones, were evacuated from the bus at an Indiana rest stop about 80 miles north of Louisville.

Six children were taken to Indiana hospitals and others were treated at the scene. The group, which is not affiliated with Evangel, was returning from a track meet in Northern Indiana.

The plaintiffs' lawyer, Garry Adams, said he has been negotiating with church lawyers and still hopes to reach a settlement.

But with the two-year statute of limitations on vehicle-related lawsuits approaching, "we had to make sure we got something on file," he said.

The incident "could have been a lot worse," Adams said. "I think that everybody has been pretty fortunate up to this point, just in general."

But he said some of the passengers "are still showing symptoms from their exposure, which has manifested itself in behavioral issues and loss of academic performance."

The lawsuit alleges negligence, gross negligence, breach of an "implied warranty" and failing to maintain the bus properly.

"Evangel knew or should have known the bus … was in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous to any user," the lawsuit said.

The plaintiffs include adults Bernadette Wickliffe Payne, Montaze Trumbo, Chaka Woodard, Leslie Graham and 22 children.

Lawsuits give only one side of a case.

Evangel's leaders are away this week and unavailable for comment, according to the church's office.

An Indiana State Police motor vehicle inspector who examined the 26-year-old bus after the incident recorded 10 safety violations, including a severe oil leak, smoke being drawn into the passenger area and a cracked frame.

Evangel, which reports a membership of more than 9,000, has large sanctuaries on Minors Lane in southern Jefferson County and Billtown Road in eastern Jefferson County.

Reporter Peter Smith can be reached at (502) 582-4469.

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Here is a 2005 comment regarding Evangel and dominionism:

Speaking as a fellow Kentuckian...
In regards to the situation here in KY in particular:

The two major players are the Southern Baptist Convention (since the mid-80's) and the AoG and pente churches here (since much earlier--you being from KY, you're familiar with Frank Simon, I expect; let's just say the church Simon is a deacon of (Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville) has been at this for a good thirty or fourty years now).

In the case of the latter, I think that--especially with the groups into "third wave" theology--the groups heavily into dominionism have crossed the line to "coercive religious group" and productive dialogue is going to be very difficult at best. (Two particular diary entries of mine detail how in many ways the core of the dominionist movement can be considered coercive (in the exact same sense as, say, Scientology is considered coercive) and I am about to post a third post regarding this.)

The Southern Baptists are, slowly but with rapidly increasing speed, also picking up a lot of the same "bad habits" of spiritual abuse that the pente/charismatic groups associated with dominionism and the "independent Baptist" groups associated with Christian Reconstructionism practice. (And yes, I think one aspect of dominionism that people don't quite grasp if they aren't walkaways is that these groups are--at their core--spiritually abusive.)

Because of a lot of the specific tactics taught in coercive/spiritually abusive groups, any criticism of the group or its goals is likely to be demonised. (This is why you have such a trouble of a time debating this with folks involved in it.)

by dogemperor on Sat Nov 26, 2005 at 08:23:37 PM EST