Yoga is NOT compatible with Christianity

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"Eastern spiritual practices are to have no place in the church. This is really about 'interspirituality': the assimilation of values and spiritual practices of other religions into the Church. Synthesizing all the beliefs. Which does two things; it introduces the church to other foreign and false spiritual beliefs and practices and removes one from a pure devotion to Jesus Christ. This is the influence of a progressive religious unity to bring together all faiths. One can trace this influence to those who are promoting interfaith and want this unity to take place. This is nothing to be naïve or indecisive about. For if you accept this you WILL eventually accept other practices as well. This then becomes the first step on the road to departing from the faith."

FROM THE ARTICLE: Christian Yoga, a Long Stretch to God

August 1, 2008 UPDATE

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Yoga is NOT compatible with Christianity

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The above link takes us to this excellent article: KUNDALINI ENERGY: Yoga’s Power, Influence, and Occult Phenomena in the Church by Chris Lawson

Here is a portion of the article:
"Kundalini energy, the heart and soul of yoga and Contemplative centering prayer, ought to be avoided at all costs. Occult power manifestations occurring in the name of Christianity are a blight upon the name of Jesus Christ and His Church. No wonder the world looks on in disbelief as more and more Christians are utilizing occult methods to “have an experience”. The undiscerning teachers that bring these damnable teachings into the Church as well as all the compromised church leaders who allow these things to continue on unchecked, will no doubt one day hold their heads in desperate shame before the LORD they have professed to love. All under the guise of a deeper, more intimate, more mystical, Christendom, countless compromised Christians of our day are departing from Biblical Christianity. Running headlong after extra-biblical sensory-driven methodology, unstable and untaught Christians are being deceived. As a result they are connecting with the mystical interfacings and teachings of the demons. No other explanation will suffice."