I am excited about visiting FIRE missionaries and several Dutch friends for a week or so beginning tomorrow. And while in Holland, we will also be seeing Jason Upton who is in Europe for the first time. His ministry is a total blessing and I look forward to when the LORD opens the door for him to come to Berlin! Check out his website to see some great video clips: http://www.jasonupton.com

Ich freue mich darauf, ab morgen für eine Woche oder so, FIRE-Missionare und mehrere niederländische Freunde zu besuchen. Und während ich in Holland bin, werden wir auch Jason Upton sehen, der zum ersten Mal in Europa ist. Sein Dienst ist ein totaler Segen und freue mich darauf, wenn der HERR ihm die Tür öffnet, nach Berlin zu kommen! Schau dir seine Webseite (englisch) an, um ein paar großartige Video-Clips zu sehen: http://www.jasonupton.com


Stevie B said…
Hey Cathy
I'm leaving for Holland on Tuesday night and staying for a while. When will you be in Holland?
Stevie B
Cathy said…
Hey Steve, Arriving in Leeuwarden sometime on Saturday with Francine and Stephen, so I probably will see you! Where are you staying?

Not a clue. I still don't even know who to look
for when I get to the air port.


HAHAHHAAA! The JESUS adventure continues!!

Well for what it's worth, Stephen and Francine's mobile phone number is +31 XXXXXXX. They live in north Holland in Leeuwarden. Not sure if they have any room but maybe they know someone who does.

I am leaving in a few hours but I hope to see you - Holland is not that big!

Be blessed Steve,