2/5/08 UPDATE
A LOT has changed in my mind regarding President Bush. I do NOT believe he is a Christian but rather a skull and bones puppet of the elite who are really running things in DC behind the scenes.

I believe the VOTE is a sham and farce as the elite already know who they will put in office by hook or by crook to further their evil agenda.

I believe 9/11 was an inside job with top US leaders and main stream media heads all involved in order to create fear and chaos resulting in changed laws that remove more of our rights as citizens.

I believe we have been brainwashed by the state schools, apostate churches, the main stream news media sold a pack of lies about America which is NOT a Christian nation but rather a Freemason satanic nation killing innocent people daily beginning with 4,000+ babies a day through abortion.

I am ashamed of what we as a nation have done and are continuing to do world wide!

I believe God is in control and He is allowing all this as the scriptures are being fulfilled before our eyes regarding a one world government and one world religion takes shape.

I believe the only hope we have is through faith in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ Who died for our sin on the cross at Calvary, shedding His blood, and rising from the grave after 3 days, 40 days later ascended to heaven and one day will return in the clouds, ready or not - even so, come, Lord Jesus!

"Praying for Peace" by artist Ron Dicianni
Yesterday, while visiting friends in an American restaurant here in Berlin, we had a few disturbing conversations with some of the young employees there. This is becoming a common occurance for me. After realizing we were from the USA, one fellow wanted to know how we voted. "For President Bush!" we said with a smile. Then he and others proceeded to spout hurtful lies about America and our president, using Michael Moore's videos and the liberal news as his source. Sad to say, these young Germans are among many who believe the lies they are fed about our nation and president. Sometimes I feel like God is using me to be an ambassador for America here! But we did get to share the Gospel in the process. Anti-Americanism, along with anti-Semitism/anti-Israel and anti-Christianity is on the rise. We must remember that Jesus never defended himself and that the most important thing is to share the Truth in love along with prayer. HELP US LORD JESUS TO DO JUST THAT SO THAT YOU MAY BE GLORIFIED AS THE GOSPEL IS PROCLAIMED!
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"Beten für Frieden" vom Künstler Ron Dicianni
Gestern, als ich in einem amerikanischen Restaurant hier in Berlin mit Freunden plauderte, hatten wir ein paar beunruhigende Gespräche mit ein paar der jungen Angestellten dort. Für mich wird das zu einem alltäglichen Ereignis. Nachdem sie mitbekamen, daß wir aus den USA sind, wollte ein Bursche wissen, wie wir gewählt haben. "Für Präsident Bush!" sagten wir mit einem Lächeln. Daraufhin fuhren er und die anderen fort, schlechte Lügen über Amerika und unseren Präsidenten auszuspeien, indem sie Michael Moores Videos und die öffentlichen Nachrichten als Quellen benutzten. Traurigerweise sind diese jungen Deutschen nur wenige unter den vielen, die die Lügen, die über unsere Nation und unseren Präsidenten verbreitet werden glauben. Machmal fühle ich mich als würde Gott mich hier als Repräsentant für Amerika benutzten! Aber wir konnten während dieses Vorgangs das Evangelium verkünden. Anti-Amerikanismus, genauso wie Anti-Semitismus/Anti-Israel und Anti-Christlich ist im Kommen. Wir müssen uns daran erinnern, daß Jesus sich nie verteidigt hat und daß das Wichtigste ist, die Wahrheit in Liebe, begleitet von Gebet, zu verkündigen. HILF UNS, HERR JESUS, GENAU DAS ZU TUN, SO DAß DU, WÄHREND DAS EVANGELIUM VERKÜNDIGT WIRD, VERHERRLICHT WERDEN KANNST!
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